Gene, I was a mix of glitter.

As far as the limitations of the Game Boy are concerned, Game Freak has had some tough times, which means there haven’t been many rewarding moments.

Not to mention the fact that the original games had no glitter, so they had no glitter for the Kanto until the end of season 2. Generation (or 3rd generation with FireRed & LeafGreen) is released.

Some Pokémon stood out, and others looked great.

All the glitter on this list is simple, but that’s all they need. If you are a fan of the Canto era, you will certainly appreciate this list.

15. Monastery

As I mentioned earlier, the limitations of Game Freak with Gen I technology meant there wasn’t much room for creativity.

However, there are still some brilliant basic sprites that look very good compared to the regular counterparts of this Pokémon.

The monastery is an example of this.

Avoid comparing how Cloyster….. looks like. Seriously, whose idea was that? But Pokémon goes from a fluffy purple to a beautiful blue.

In my opinion, it is even better suited for printing on ice, which is always expected of Shiny.

But with you, I’m being realistic. The Generation I Cloyster seems more or less identical, brilliant or not. The differences are clearly defined as a transition from one generation to the next, so it certainly deserves a place.

14. Liquidation

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

I’ve said many times in the past that I didn’t like the Liquitung.

If the Pokémon were real, these creatures would be condemned to aggression and driven to extinction. The brilliant version, however, is very beautiful. So I’m gonna skip all the small problem areas.

As with Cloister, it is difficult to distinguish the differences between the I-genes in the Lickitung. But not to the same extent. The colour difference gradually improves much faster than the shell.

Instead of the dubious pink, a bright yellow Lickitung. I’m not gonna lie. It’s also confusing, but much less so.

This is a very large study on how to make the law shine, which is rare in Genome I mons.

13. MWva

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

It seems wrong to put Mute so far on the list, but here we go.

Most brilliant legends are low blows. But Mewtwo sits comfortably in the middle.

It’s not Kjogr (who looks pathetically brilliant), but it’s not Rayquaza either.

Changing Mewtwo is easy. He only has a green tail. Simple, effective, and it must be absolutely terrifying.

If you’re not afraid of the concept of Mewtwo, you should be. This Pokémon could really destroy civilisation as we know it.

But that didn’t stop Ash from giving him a left hook. He should be glad Mewtwo didn’t melt his brain.

12. Vaporetto

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

Vaporeon is one of the rare cases where a Pokémon is one of the best Pokémon of Generation I before dropping massively off the list over time.

Vaporeon started the trend of making Pokémon blue-purple (I’m still looking at you, Kyogre), but it actually worked really well.

Although I personally prefer baby blue, there is no denying that the purple Vaporetto has a certain feminine charm that is otherwise lacking.

It would be a mistake to write that, but it’s true.

If you want to bring down one of the original Eeveelutions with brio, this is the place to go. The other two change only slightly, so the glossy vaporetto is at least unique.

11. Tau

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

The vaporetto got worse over time, like a bad glass of milk.

Mew, on the other hand, behaved like a good old red wine, like all generations.

Brilliant Mew Blue. It’s as simple as that.

You can’t play with the design or anything else. The wild monster just came in, the job’s done.

But it’s not so bad. And yes, we’re thinking about it. As we all know from a sad and isolated life, Ditto was a failed clone of Miu when they tried to create Mewtwo.

Brilliant Dito is also just blue.

It’s the little touches like this that make me shine. I don’t care about colors (that’s a lie, that’s true), but I also care about history and storytelling because I have no life.

10. Heathmongshan

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

Did you know that Hitmonchan was inspired by Jackie Chan and Hitmonlee by Bruce Lee to continue the theme of the Pokémon trivia?

It has nothing to do with the shiny elves, but it’s still a cool and useless fact.

Boxing is the only sport that ever got me out of my laziness. So Hitmonshan divorces his brother, but in a vague way.

There’s also the fact that the brilliant leprechaun looks a lot cooler, but let me be indulgent.

Instead of red gloves, Hitmonshan gets blue gloves. It’s the usual brilliant exchange of colors.

Coincidentally, this change worked incredibly well with the limited graphics capabilities of the Gen I, earning it a solid place.

9. Occupational health and safety

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

Coincidentally, bright yellow goblins are traditionally beautiful, apart from the Lickitung for personal moral reasons.

There are people like Luxurey, Lucario and Arboc.

It’s nice to see how the color looks like gold, which is rare, just like the sequins. I don’t need much explanation.

Although he doesn’t look like a poisonous snake at all, he’s very handsome. And who cares about logic when something looks beautiful?

I’ve spent more than I want to give in to random numbers that have no basis in collections. But they look cool, so I’ll be a Pokémon fan if I follow this trend.

8. Electrode

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

We come back to red and blue with this spot, but the electrode gets bonus points on Hitmonchan because of the context!

I’m a loser, okay? I get it.

The electrode is modelled after a Pokeball. And the shiny leprechaun is based on a big ball.

That’s it, but that’s all it takes.

This is one of the few Gen I designs that has considered the exchange of colors. And that’s more than most of us can say.

7. Ponita

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

Why Ponita and not Rapidash?

You’ll see! (spoiler alert!)

I’m a sucker for a lot of things, as you may have noticed. And another thing that would make me waste unnecessary time (and money) is the blue light.

Ponita’s like that: Fire turns blue when it shines. There’s just something impressive about a blue flame that can’t match an orange light.

I wish I could say Rapidash also had blue flames, but I don’t have…. That’s why Ponita is here and not for his development.

6. Venus

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

And now we come to the big boys of Generation I lip gloss design.

Generation I Pokémon has clearly received more attention, and Venusaurus is the first example of that.

Glossy Venus is just a semblance, well, shiny.

I know it’s a bit of a stupid explanation. But many brilliant people can’t say that about themselves.

The body of the Venusaurus turns sickly green, and its flower gets this pale yellow appearance. To be honest, it looks like the Shining Venusaurus could fall down at any moment, but that only makes me feel sorry.

It’s the bottom of a shiny keg for General I. But it doesn’t mean much, all in all. Have you seen the brilliant Sharizar these days?

5. Wizard

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got it now.

In any other generation, Charizard would come first. And he wouldn’t even come close.

However, it underwent a massive sprit change between the Canto/Johto and Gen III races.

That’s why I only put it on number 5.

His original brilliant sprite is still no laughing matter. He gets a purple body and green wings, just like another brilliant dragon on this list (wink, wink).

The reason it falls flat for me is that the black improvements look so much better. But if you hunt in the old games, it’s always worth picking up your hands. Whatever your reason for playing them, you’re either nostalgic or just a masochistic psychopath.

4. Blastoise

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

I hadn’t even noticed it so far, but Blastoise actually has the same color change as Charizard.

His body turns purple and his shell turns green.

But he was much more tactful than Sharizar. And is still considered brilliant today.

It’s easy to look like the best of the three starters, and to be the best starter. You Charmander believers can bite me and my STAB water cannon.

3. Gyarados

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

The Gyarados is the most common of all, thanks to the famous red Gyarados of Lake Fury.

He’s fantastic, too.

The switch to red represents all the anger that Gyarados has repressed in him for so long, turning an already terrifying Pokémon into a monster that could really appear in one of my nightmares (if Tweety Bird makes room for it, and it’s a true story).

Best of all, you don’t even have to hunt the brilliant Gyarados (well, if you’re in a second generation game). So get your free shine as soon as possible.

2. Dragonstone

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

The draconite is another dragon, a magnificent dragon that changes its colour from purple to green.

Like Blastoise, it turns out she’s doing much better than Sharizar.

She doesn’t look like the rest of her evolutionary lineage, which is a bit odd. But that’s a good thing, because Dragonair is uninspired pink and orange.

But Dragonite remains one of the most beautiful Dragon Shinis, even in later games, which is impressive considering that it has to do with Haxorus and Dragapult.

It is also the original type of dragon that earns enough points to put him at the top of the list.

1. Rapidash

15 Best Kanto Gen I Shiny Pokémon (Ranked) –

I bet you didn’t see that coming.

Or sloppy, because I dropped it earlier.

Anyway, the brilliant Generation I Rapidash is one of my favourite glitters of all time. Remember when I said I liked blue flames?

I like the purple flame even more.

Rapidash is a sad story for me.

Like Charizard, he underwent a brilliant transformation after genes I and II.

Unlike Charizard, this change was no improvement.

He has made his flame black or dark grey, which still looks fresh, but not as fresh as this fine purple flame.

It reminds me of a quote from The Godfather: Look how they killed my boy.

And if the Pokémon genius takes me back to something like that, he gets first place on my list.

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