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15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

The school of illusion is very powerful for those who have the patience to master it.

He can help you reach Skyrim without encountering any enemies in battle. Or better yet, it can let your enemies take care of you, making it ideal for players who have a penchant for mind games against their enemies.

If you want to become a magician of illusion, I have prepared the 15 best illusion spells to get your attention.

Remember that this list focuses on spells based on their individual merits. Although some spells can have a stronger effect in combination with others, this list shows them based on their usefulness as such, the combination of their power depending on your creativity and playing style.

15. Silencer

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

This spell works perfectly for players who have an eye for sneaky passers-by, because it allows you to move silently whether you’re sneaking, walking or even running.

This makes it an excellent tool to quietly move around the houses of sleeping people, as if with this magic they can’t hear you at the level of the disciple, even though they can still see you.

You can buy it from Drevis Nelloren, Sybil Stantor or Farengar Secret-Fire.

14. Anger

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

This beginner’s spell allows you to attack any enemy, and if it’s level 6 or lower, it will attack anything in the vicinity for thirty seconds.

It may sound strange, but it’s useful when he’s surrounded by his friends and you enjoy watching them destroy each other while enjoying the show.

When you’re the High Elf, you start this spell automatically. But if you don’t want it and you want to get it, just buy it from Drevis Nelloren among several other places (usually mentioned above).

13. Crazy fleece

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

This option is a good little version of the Frenzy spell, but it creates a rune on the ground for enemies to trample.

The only drawback is that you can only give oneroll at a time, but it’s strong enough to hit enemies in levels 20 and lower up to thirty seconds, so it’s a good trap.

Absolutely a good choice to get the enemies you’re chasing into the dungeon to start a fight between them as you make your big escape.

You must buy this Adept spell from Talvas Fathrion after completing quest or Ashes in Dragonborn DLC.

12. Quiet

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

Bring peace of mind to your enemies and let them pack their weapons for thirty seconds as you plan your escape or your next powerful attack.

This student level spell is very useful in the beginning of the game if you want to avoid a confrontation.

It is important to note that while many enemies encountered at the beginning of the game may fall victim to this spell, stronger enemies (such as guards) are not affected because of the basic level of power of the spell.

You can buy this spell at Drevis Nelloren, Sybil Stantor or Farangar the Secret Fire.

11. Fear

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

The most basic instrument in the illusionist’s arsenal: Designed for magical students, this spell allows you to sow fear in the hearts of your opponents once the spell has been cast.

Unfortunately, it only works for level nine creatures, which means that while it is a useful tool, it quickly loses its usefulness when stronger enemies stand in your way as you move on to more complex quests.

But if you still want it at the beginning of the game, you can buy this spell from all the usual suspects.

10. Calm down

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

This spell creates a powerful bullet that explodes when the target is hit, hitting not only the affected person or creature, but also people in the immediate vicinity.

And that puts an end to all the fighting and violence against you for sixty seconds. It’s a good way to slow down the action on the battlefield.

This experimental level spell works with enemies of level 20 or lower and can be purchased from scientist Drevis Neloren.

9. Courage

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim


When you and your comrades are overwhelmed by enemy forces, you can inspire them with this spell that, in sixty seconds, dispels the fear and doubt in their consciousness and gives them a new sense of courage. And thus a small boost for health and stamina.

You can buy this magic at Drevis Nelloren, Sybil Stantor or Farengar Secret-Fire.

However, if you don’t want to spend this gold, you can find it for free during working hours.

8. Rally

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

A spell that strengthens your followers creates a ball of power that explodes on impact, forcing everyone involved to gain health and stamina.

All this is done by keeping them involved in a battle that’s fantastic if you expect your followers to look after the enemies in the room while you aim for another target.

Get this spell from Drevis Nelloren or Sybilla Stantor.

7. Route

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

If you don’t like confrontation, this spell is great for clearing the way without even wiping your sword. After playing against routine opponents of level twenty or lower, they run thirty seconds away from the fight, giving you plenty of time to get away from them.

Or go hunting in a good mood, if you like.

This spell is available from illusion master Drevis Nelloren of Winterhold College.

6. Rabies

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

Casting Frenzy creates a ball of energy that you throw to your opponents. And it explodes on impact, allowing you to hit more than two people at once.

This is one of those spells that should be used with caution when casting as its explosive nature can cause you to accidentally hit an ally and make them hostile towards you during the spell.

It hits enemies on the fourteenth level and below and forces them to attack anyone in the vicinity for sixty seconds until the effect diminishes.

To obtain this Adept-level spell, you need to buy Drevis Nelloren or Sybilla Stantor because these are the only two sellers offering it.

5. Hysteria

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

Hysteria makes enemies fall into fear at the sight of your strength with this master-level spell.

It will allow enemies with up to twenty-five levels to escape within sixty seconds as they are trapped in a powerful wave of magic.

It is a two-handed spell, and although it is powerful, it takes some time to perform. So make sure you don’t expose yourself to the barrage of attack as you prepare to drop them.

This spell is given after completing quest Ritual of Illusion.

4. Invisibility

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim

Get in and out of the two battles wherever you want with this spell that will make you completely invisible for thirty seconds.

Remember that interacting with an object, attacking someone or even using a spell will immediately reduce its effect, so plan ahead.
Even if they can’t see you, they can hear your footsteps. So be careful not to run or run too fast if you sneak in.

It is intended only for experienced illusionists and can be purchased at Drevis Nelloren.

3. Call to the arms

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim


Master of spells for the selfless.

After the explosion, all those affected are given an increase in their fighting strength, health and stamina within a reasonable period of ten minutes.

That certainly makes it a useful spell for players who like to rely on their teammates when dealing with powerful opponents.

Don’t forget that this spell needs two hands to be used and that it takes a while to charge, which makes you vulnerable to attacks at this time.

It’s important to remember that an Illusion spell like this can be beneficial when applied to enemies or friends, but with a spell like this that improves health and stamina, it can actually work against you if you accidentally apply it to your enemies. So be careful where you throw it, unless you want to give your opponents on the battlefield an unexpected advantage over you.


You can get this spell from Drevis Neloren after completing the quest Illusion Ritual Spell .

2. Mutilation

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim


This spell has an appropriate name, because when you cast it, all the enemies within the blast radius will start fighting against everyone in the area, whether humans, monsters or even animals.

By causing chaos, this master spell is named after him. And it allows you to easily attack targets or escape unnoticed while your enemies are fighting among themselves.

You can buy this funny little spell from Drevis Neloren after passing the Illusion Ritual search line, so it comes a little later, but it’s worth buying it if you can.

1. Harmony

15 Best Illusion Spells of the Skyrim


The magic spell Harmony is the number one illusion spell with which you can show the world that you have mastered the illusion.

It allows you to launch a green wave of soothing magic that will calm any enemy in its path.

You can use this spell to end most battles in the game, because it is powerful enough to stop strong opponents for sixty seconds. Enough time to plan and execute the next step.

It is so strong and so useful that you can leave it and retreat when you are overwhelmed in battle. She even works for the guards, which she does well if you’re planning to get involved in a little mistake they won’t approve of.

This spell is also ideal if you’re in the mood for a peaceful race or if you simply don’t have time to fight a horde of followers to reach your ultimate goal.

Whatever your goal, this disarming spell is perfect for any master illusionist and is worth adding to your arsenal.



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