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15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

All heavy armour sets seem to be specially designed for players who want to move a bit slower in exchange for a huge defence bonus.

So it’s fair to say that heavy armor is usually a warrior’s best friend. Especially for those who prefer a two-handed weapon. And some kits with heavy armor can come with shields for heavy force!

Tamriel has some of the finest sets of tanks in the world, as we saw in TES IV : Oblivion.

The design of Skyrim is the same and in my opinion is even better than in the previous release of TES.

But choosing the best heavy armor is not an easy task, which is why I made this list of the best heavy armor sets in the game. I hope it will help you to get a better idea of the statistics, features and location and to finally find the armor that suits you best.

15. Antique Nordic armor

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

The old armor that was worn by the North in ancient times is a heavy armor, which serves as a variant of the basic iron armor.

The helmet is easy to recognize because it seems to be present in most of Skyrim’s advertising material. However, this game is quite unusual because it cannot be made with the available materials in the game.

It can be worn by dragon worshipers on the Seat of the Dragon Cult quest, but it can also be found in many other places.


The easiest way to get the whole thing is to kill a ghost that multiplies in the ruins of Kjenstag after 20:00.

With a basic defense of just over 60 points, this set is quite difficult and ideal for the beginning of the game.

14. Steel shield

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim


Steel shoring is one of the most common assemblies and works very well.

It’s in the clothes of most bandits and warriors in two forms: The first type comes with shoulder suits, while the second type does not contain any cushions in the kiras.

Both shirts have the same 96 defensive stats, so it depends on what you’re aiming for. But it’s probably worth it if you quickly need heavy protective equipment that just works.

13. Dwarf armor

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim


This legendary armor was worn by dwarves before they became extinct in Skyrim.

Today, the decor is beautifully designed and evokes a sense of antiquity, because the bronze color in combination with the mechanical shape offers a unique show.

It can be made or bought by blacksmiths, but it can also be found in many places at the beginning of the game. Probably more of a middle class armor, but still very good.


12. Heavy shield

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

The Falmer Hardened Armor is a weaker version of the Falmer Heavy Armor, but provides a good level of protection for players who cannot afford the Heavy Armor version of the game.

It’s as effective as a gnome armor, but it’s much lighter.

If you want to get your hands on this set, you’ll have to kill Falmer’s arsonists and plunder their corpses to get all the pieces.


A better-arranged Falmer may also wear reinforced armor, although he often wears a heavy version of the kit.

11. Dunguard Heavy Armour

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

The members of the Dawnguard prefer heavy armor.

You can kill any one of these warriors to get armor. However, players who prefer a more peaceful approach can also buy armor from Gunmar.

It weighs only 78 points and offers protection with 104 points in total, making it one of the strongest sets in the game. But it’s certainly a difficult decision to make.

The design of this harness is both simple and aesthetic. It dresses each warrior in an elegant tone and helps protect his skin from cuts or blows from enemy weapons.

10. Sheet steel shield

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

This armour made of sheet steel is reminiscent of the traditional knight’s outfits often seen in Hollywood films.

The game itself offers a solid 87 and the game weighs only 59 points, making it one of the lightest and heaviest float sets in the game (a slight contradiction here, I know).

You can find and create this set early in the game, with charming spawning set options once you reach level 19 or higher.

Rigel Strong-Arm has a complete set of steel armour that can be stolen from him when he goes to his Pinewatch location.

9. Leaf shield

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

Blades: the legendary dragon hunters, who later belonged to the Septimus guards.

These elegant knights wear a harness that looks like a lighter model, but their harness offers much greater protection that can stop even the strongest dragon flame.

With a basic defense value of 114 and a weight of 87, the Blade Armor Set is a great choice for defense at almost any level. And Sky Haven Temple is easy to enter.

8. Orc armor

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim


Orcish Armor offers a protection level of 121 and weighs only 71 in total. So usually not too hard, but certainly a good choice for the defense.

This set starts reproducing at level 20, and the enchanted pieces of this armor are already at level 26.

You can also buy them from various blacksmiths or plunder the bodies of fallen enemies. But beware, if you plan to buy it, the whole thing will cost a huge amount of seventh!

7. Hitin heavy armour

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

Two versions of the Chitin armor have been added to Skyrim with Dragonborn DLC: the light version, which provides good coverage against most attacks, and the heavy version, which can stop the most powerful enemies.

This armour can be made of chitin and offers the same protection as sheet steel armour, but is even lighter than its steel counterpart.

In general, it’s worth looking, but you’re likely to find a harness that meets your specific needs at some point. Chitin is probably best suited to form a protective layer.

6. Ebony armour

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

Ebony armor can be found enchanted from level 33, but the usual version can be found on different enemies once you have reached level 32.

The set looks like Sauron armor and has a protection level of 126 for a weight of only 76.

Keep in mind that you can also make this armour yourself, but you must first reach at least 80 forge levels.

5. Heavy trap shield

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim


With a basic protection class of 96, the Falmer is a formidable heavy armor that can be upgraded with chitin.

It was added to the game with Dawnguard DLC along with other Chitin clothing.

It has a fairly unique design, which makes it attractive to many players, even if it doesn’t have the best defense. You can also buy it easily if you save enough money. The most expensive product will be the armor itself, a total of 1200 septimians.

4. Nordic cut armor

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim


The Nordic Carver Armor is another very attractive equipment that many players have fallen in love with. It’s also exclusive to Dragonborn DLC.

This set includes a shield, making it ideal for one-handed players.


You can find it from level 25 and up and it offers almost everything you want: The boots, gloves, helmet, shield and the armor itself.

3. Stalhrim shield

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

The Stalhrim Armor Set will only be unlocked after completing the Stalhrim New Source quest, which requires a Dragonborn DLC to be unlocked.

The ensemble is visually very attractive with horns resembling the armor of the old North and a brilliantly decorated kitchen.

It should be noted that even the defensive evaluation is not too bad.

The total defense is 102 with a weight of only 59, making this kit ideal for players who want to carry the heavy kit without sacrificing too much stock.

2. Mortal armor

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

That’s why Daedric Armor has always been a fan of the entire The Elder Scrolls franchise, and the Skyrim series is no exception.

A look at Deadrick’s armor shows he has a sinister and disturbing look. Such a look arouses fear and terror in the heart of the enemy.

This is the strongest tank in the basic game Skyrim, which many players prefer to wear even after installing some DLC games.

This armor can be made of Deadre’s black armor, black gems and the centurion’s dynamo armor.

You can also get pieces of this armor by killing the Dremora and stealing their corpses, but it will take some time to complete the game.

1. Dragon armor

15 Best Heavy Armor Sets at Skyrim

Dragonplate armor may not be the most aesthetic armor in the game, but it provides the greatest protection of all.

With a 136 point defense of all units, Dragon Plate armor can withstand attacks from almost any side.

It can be made and perfected with dragon bones, but it requires a level 100 forge. So, yeah, it might be better to investigate the locations of the robberies if you don’t want to do it yourself.

This sentence represents the working hours of a dragon that kills animals all over Skyrim. Wearing this is certainly a sign of prestige among ordinary people.



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