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15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Restorative magic plays a crucial role in the arsenal of spells every wizard needs.

Contrary to what most newcomers think, not all forms of restoration magic are defensive or altruistic.

Some spells are extremely effective against enemies. And even more against the undead.

In any case, the School of Restoration has some of the most sought-after spells in Tamriela.

The biggest problem with this school is that it is not as diverse as the other schools for game magic. You will notice that many spells found in the restoration books are similar or just updated versions of old volumes.

I know how painful it is not to find the best spell in the game when you’re looking for it. That’s why I recorded the best recovery and healing spells, so you can get a better idea of the kind of magic you can do as a recovery master!

15. Healing

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Healing is the most elementary form of healing magic you can find in Skyrim.

This is the simplest spell the school can offer and it gives you 10 health points and 10 stamina points when you talk. It’s only worth 12 magic points.

You can use this spell at 12 points per second for as long as you like and restore 10 life and endurance points per second.

It’s basically an exchange between your wizard beam and the other two beams!

14. Healing of hands

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Healing Hands is a spell that is essentially the same as Healing Hand, but you can apply it to others instead of yourself.

It has the same effect on others as healing has on you, but the main difference is that it costs almost twice as much in magic.

Be careful and use it wisely, because it is the first recovery spell you can get in a game aimed at a third party or NPC.

13. Fast recovery

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

By starting the quick healing, you get 50 health points and 50 endurance points for 73 magic points.

The main difference with other spells is that this one works immediately, which means you end up paying more.

It is a more advanced form of regenerative magic than the previous two, but it is much more effective.

However, remember that this spell must be cast on you and cannot be used on others. There are other spells that work for others, and they’re at the top of my list.

12. Undead Feedback

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Have you ever had a group of undead people approach you and ask you questions? I really wish I had an easy way to push her away.

Well, there are!

The hunt for the undead, how surprising.

This is an ability to restore the Expert level, which will drive all undead from the scene as long as they are level 16 or lower.

You run for 30 seconds, which gives you enough time to escape quickly or to kill those who choose to stay.

The basic cost is 353 magic, so don’t forget to fill this bar if you use it.

11. Rotation of the Great Undead

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

This spell does the same as Expel Undead, so if you’ve really wondered about the question I just mentioned, you can also use this spell.

He’s got the undead going on on level 21.

It’s not the best magic in the world or anything.

But he’s a really good help against a bunch of bad, undead enemies.

It also goes against the reputation of the undead, so don’t worry – boring necromancers won’t stand a chance against your power, my friend.

10. Stable station

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Guards are one of the first spells you learn as a wizard in Skyrim, and they are decent enough when fighting enemies during the game.

Steadfast Guard protects you with a maximum of 60 damage points and gives you an extra 60 armour points to compensate for a reasonable amount of incoming damage and protect you from danger.

It is a spell at student level and in my opinion the first useful station in the game.

I really don’t appreciate the simplest spell in the piece, because it simply doesn’t justify the cost of the magic.

In any case, Steadfast Ward can be a reliable spell – especially if you play as a fighter.

9. Vampire escape route

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

The vampire Bane will certainly do a lot of damage to the undead.

But can you imagine how destructive it is when you throw it at a vampire?

It attacks the target mainly with ultra-powerful sunlight, which will surely destroy even the most powerful undead enemies.

We all know how many vampires hate sunlight, so you can imagine how destructive an attack on a vampire would be.

Don’t forget to close your eyes if you want to leave him as a vampire. I’m against self-injury.

8. Healing of the living dead

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

I don’t understand why you want to heal an inanimate being unless you’re a nasty necromancer, but this spell is perfect for you if you have to.

Cured Undead will do nothing with the living beings, but will restore to health for every undead he will amaze .

Don’t forget to point out your zombie friends. Because this spell will also heal your enemies if you don’t aim well.

Don’t beat them and don’t bear the consequences!

7. Nontoxic

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Giftrune is a healing spell added with the Dragonborn DLC, and it treats 3 points of poison damage in 30 seconds to any enemy who has no resistance to poison.

It’s a fantastic spell, but it works by creating a rune on earth that causes poisonous damage as your enemies approach.

If they’re not around, you can’t move the rune until you undo the spell. It’s just that the cookies are crushing my girlfriend.

6. Large room

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

The Big Squad creates a war that protects you with armor that can withstand 80 points of damage. So rest assured that it will serve you very well in all kinds of armed and long-distance battles.

This ability creates a stronger shield than Stedfast Ward, and this spell is much more appropriate than the previous one.

It may not protect you from the power of a dragon or a mighty wizard. But it will save you the trouble of your adventures!

5. Closed wounds

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Close Wounds is one of the most powerful self-healing spells in the game.

And even if it takes a lot of magic, it will give you enough health to justify the use of spells if necessary. Close Wounds heals you for an incredible 100 health points, at a magical price of 126.

It’s a very good compromise, if you ask me.

Like the previous self-healing spells I mentioned here, this one restores 100 points of endurance.

4. Great Healing

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Great healing will make everything around you healthy again.

This is a fantastic spell on the field and one of the best spells you can heal in the game when you need to heal your friends (or for some strange reason your enemies).

The throw costs you 250 magic points, but it gives you 200 health and endurance points, and 200 health and endurance points for each person (or object) standing on a 15-foot ledge.

3. Constable Aura

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

Accept the Constable’s aura and share 10 damages to any undead person standing next to you for 60 seconds.

This spell has been added to the game with Dawnguard DLC, and it is a fantastic magical creature that prevents you from harming those nasty undead.

2. Safety circuit

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

The Circle of Guardians launches a full, meticulous circle around you, in which you heal at 20 points per second and desperately flee the undead around you.

The undead will work as long as they’re on level 35 or below.

As you can probably see, it’s a pretty tough divorce.

1. Curse of the undead

15 Best Healing & Restoration Spells at Skyrim

This spell is at the top of my list, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of its interesting application.

The curse of the undead makes the undead flash around you and make them run away.

Not only is it super fun to see a bunch of undead running desperately while they’re on fire, it’s also fun and extremely effective!



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