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15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2

Oh, mail.

It can be said that many games do not age well due to outdated graphics or game systems. On the other hand, the series of letters is probably one of the few that is outdated, because the lightning fast handling of conflicting content would probably make it impossible to publish today.

Mail 2, like all other games, has had its hour of glory, a mandatory video clip, and remains somewhat unknown to the large community of players, thanks in part to its reissue on Steam in 2015.

And perhaps most importantly, it is also a favorite thanks to the thousand mods that fans have created and published online for free.

Whether you think of Postal 2 as a stupid video game or as proof of the freedom of speech of the American devils, Postal 2 is at least worth the lazy wandering of the day that even fashionistas do better. Well, specific fashion, actually, the best of the best.

On this list I will present the 15 best models I have tested so far and received from the enthusiasts.

15. Fast classic

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

At the risk of offending large sections of our readership, I won’t mention many extremely offensive mods.

But if you’re a young (or young at heart) person reading this, you certainly don’t have anything against this craze, which focuses on the people that every generation of players seems to hate the most: the elderly.

At least you can talk to someone who doesn’t look like a generic brother/friend; at best you’ll be interested to hear someone shout GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LAWN! The 15th. In a minute. Or you’re causing post-traumatic stress.


14. Balls

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2

Keep this model.

Pokémon sword and shield, that’s not it!

What’s more, this trend is making the protected children of yesterday the irritable teenagers of tomorrow.

Fortunately, your attack will probably be limited to what you see spawning in the wild, such as dogs, cats, tigers and the like. You know, the typical everyday things you see in life.


Plus, compared to real Pokémon games, where children use skills to enslave animals and force them to fight… This mode is tame.

13. Fatal blow

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

Killing people is hilarious in the sophisticated style of the nineties. It’s no wonder that one of the first generations of fashion released for Postal 2 was The Mighty Kick.

It adds a feature that, well… allows players to beat people to death in hilarious ’90s style.

Strangely enough, the Mighty Kick mode lacked a number of features that would satisfy people’s death kicks: blood and guts and even more blood and guts.

The fatal blow tried to soften the offense by forcing the player’s leg to behave like a machete and cut people at will. Let’s take a look at the GTA V at the forefront of this fashion!

12. Item 3 Mate

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

It seems that what Postal did as a series was not their style in the grooves. This is rather due to the fact that Postal 3, the very first edition of a third party game in the series, had very poor technical performance.

Trust me on this: Nothing irritates a Heimin fan cheese as much as torn insects and framers.

However, Dude’s version of Postal 3 was quite popular with the fans at the time. * Sigh If only he could play old games… *

Fortunately, someone has released a mod for Postal 2, where players can finally play the man of Postal 3 (repeat this three times quickly).

Does this look like a food craze?

Probably. But if you understand how disappointing the Postal 3 has been in the past, you will surely understand why the Postal 2 needs this fashion!


We warn you: for proper fashion it is necessary to buy DLC Paradise Lost DLC.

11. Holy Hand Grenade Apple

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

It might be hard to believe that Pokémon fans somehow overlap Mail fans, but Monty Python?

Oh, I didn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out why it makes sense.

Just look at the hundreds and hundreds of mods that describe a hand grenade in every FPS game currently installed on your computer. The idea sells itself.

Since Postal 2 is of course a pointless destruction, players can in fact produce of the hundreds of of these malicious explosives in an area and receive a huge explosion as a reward.

And really, what other purpose would there be than to blow things up?

10. Guns from members 2.0

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

The curse and the gun frenzy have been going hand in hand since, I don’t know, I think since the ’90s.

The first two post-games are probably also a success, which brings a touch of nostalgia.

Normally you can only see in Postal 2 the mod that seems to have been torn from the South Park cartoon: the use of NPC members to kill other NPCs.

I don’t know if a head counts as a limb, but I’m going to accept this madness anyway.

9. Good night

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

This is Mail 2, with the exception of the more unusual Christmas version, which also includes holiday-related tasks.

Come on, even internal sociopaths can enjoy a little Christmas, can’t they?

Maybe you should play it for fun, but don’t expect it to improve your game enormously.

8. Pigeon hunting mission

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

Pigeons are invading paradise!

In the real world, we should call ourselves pest controllers.

But since we’re in the second post room, I think the melee weapons and the traps are working.

Of course it’s useful that there’s no more blood to clean up when the pigeon is killed. Let’s go get those virtual birds!

7. Lost Island

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

Do you remember how many years ago the people trapped on the island became a popular culture?

As far as I know, it may not be deliberate, but that’s the atmosphere I get from this fashion.


This mode contains a scenario in which the Dude crashed on a remote island.

There must be a lot of information here. Although inexplicable, there is also a busy urban area deep in the forest where players can go crazy.

Because, as we all know, it’s not the mail unless there’s a chance heads are rolling.

6. Thing

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

It is so damaging that the younger generation has no idea how much damage has been done to John Carpenter’s case. Well, things that many of us take for granted in today’s pop culture landscape.

Fortunately TokyoNightingale (and much later TopLoader) launched and updated the fashion of the same name in 2005.

If you like Postal 2 and horror movies – and it’s actually a less strange coincidence than you might think – I’d say this fashion is worth downloading for your next loss.

5. Marica Project

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

Do you know what else Mail 2 can use? The vehicles.

And no, I’m not just talking about normal cars.

I’m talking about trucks, four-wheel drive vehicles, sports cars, tanks and all kinds of equipment that prove that America is the coolest country in the world. * Start singing USA, USA *

Without exaggerating, I’d say the point remains: Marika’s project is a fashionable model for people who want to prevent manslaughter on the streets.

And it looks like there’s no other way to kill people in the game, so I say go for it.


4. Time machine

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2

Keep this model.


Maybe the ’50s was a hairy time for the people who survived (I don’t know, I wasn’t there).

But for people who were children in the 1950s or were born after that time, the image they have of that time may be based mainly on popular films and series from that time.

He looked so clean and tidy then. And who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this?

Activate the free Time Machine mode for mail service, only available via DLC Paradise Lost.

It seems that this place will be a meeting place for actors who might be interested in what paradise looked like back then.

I tested it a bit and one thing is for sure: at least this version of Paradise was very cleaner in those days!

3. Return

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2


Keep this model.

Okay, maybe you think the Mail 2 Dude’s a little stupid.

Where’s the traumatic background to all these murders and stuff?

Well, Retribution Redux is just what you need to solve your playful dissonance problem!

This Fashion Dude is simply named Michael, who had his wife and child murdered by the Russian mafia because he produced a bad batch of drugs. And now… It’s payback time. Cool!

That’s why I think this fashion is clearly a winner: As if it wasn’t enough to pull you away from a Max Payne story, the mode even carries a slow function every time you’re involved in a shooting. Eat your heart out, John Woo.


2. Sandbox

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2

Keep this model.


The Sandbox-Mod is exactly what Postal 2 has to offer the players: Go somewhere, do anything.

No spots, no women, just you and the whole sky map for fun.

If that sounds boring to you, then, man… You probably don’t play as many video games as you should.

1. Profit

15 Best Free Modes for Postal 2

Keep this model.

For players of OG Postal 2, Share Pain, first released in 2003, it may have been their first choice.

And he was a fan favorite, if only because he took Postal 2 and made it , a brand new game as such.

Now that it’s been an eternity, I can admit that sharing pain can make him feel older.

But Vengeance seems to be replacing the legend with new players.

It comes with brand new maps, new weapons and even new game modes as a co-operative scenario and deathmatch team!

This is one of the reasons why the PC gaming scene is still so popular. Nowhere else do you see people developing a completely new game based on the old version and released for free just because they want to?



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