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15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Daedric’s artifacts come from the deepest parts of the enchanted legend of the game; but even the noblest warriors may be tempted to use them.

They are extremely useful and in most cases they are as powerful as you can imagine. Some can be perfect for thieves, while others are the ultimate weapon of destruction for a cunning warrior.

Dedarian artifacts, however, are not always difficult to find.

In this article we try to show you the best Skyrim has to offer in the field of Dedarian artifacts, so you can get a better idea of which artifacts are best suited for your fantastic adventures.

15. Ebony leaf

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Black Blade – an artifact of Dedarik that was present in many games, because it changed hands several times over the millennia.

The Black Sword is a special sword made by the Danish Prince Mefalah that is capable of exhausting the vital essence of any enemy who attacks with it. Just land and watch the spark fly.

You can also turn this weapon into a much more powerful weapon if you keep using it, but to get it you must first complete the Whisper Search.

14. Crusher

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Meridia, the prince of grandpa’s life, created the Dawn Breaker as a way to frighten the undead.

This weapon can do 10 points of damage to any enemy who touches it. But it has a special effect that makes it even more powerful when fighting undead enemies – it can accidentally cause a slight explosion that damages every undead enemy within range. Cool!

It even has a special spell that works like a soul trap placed in Meridia’s own sword.

Dawnbreaker is one of the best swords in the game and an incredible Deadrick artifact, especially since it was recently introduced in the TES franchise.

13. Mussels Nutmeg

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Molag Bal is a black mass that can catch the soul if an enemy dies in one of its battles.

This powerful club, developed by Molag Ball himself, inflicts 25 damage points on every enemy he hits. And this does not happen in the traditional way – each time he defeats the enemy with the stamina of and with the magic of .

If you want to have your hands, you can get a mace by entering an abandoned house in Markrat and complete the quest, which starts after receiving a mace that you can place on the altar of the ball itself.

Of course it’s difficult, but it’s not the hardest part of the game.

12. Mask of the collarbone and vileness

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Although the Clavik Vile mask looks like something you want to wear with you in battle, it’s far from a fighting stench.

This headset makes it possible to get prices from 20% cheaper to in any game store. Save money and look cool, score points!

He uses the in-built powers of Clavik Many himself, who has enchanted the mask.

It also allows you to regenerate your magic 5% faster, which is not much to be honest. But he’s a fan who participates when you plan ahead.

11. Ebony

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim


The Ebony Mail is a heavy armor that is only available during Boethiah’s Calling Quest.

And it’s a piece of armor to plunder Prince Deadrick’s own champion’s body.

This powerful armour is heavy, but lets it move as fast as if it wasn’t wearing heavy armour. It’s a great effect. I have no idea how it works, but it’s true. It also doesn’t make a sound when you wear it, so you can move as light as a feather.

If you want to go into battle, Ebony Mail also inflict incredible damage on any enemy who dares to get too close. He’s definitely a monster.

10. Star Azure blue

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

The Star of Azura is an ordinary pearl of the soul.

But unlike all the other gems in the game, you don’t lose it every time you use it.

This means that buying Azuras Star entitles you to unlimited stock of Soul Gems in your inventory without having to carry a lot of stuff.

You must complete the Black Star adventure and hand over the star to Arani Lenith in the second part of the adventure. Then Azura herself will give you the star.

9. Corrected skull

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

The corruption of the skull is a powerful stem that becomes even more powerful when it feeds on the dreams of others.

He does 20 damage points, but the damage can go up to 50 if he is well fed with dreams.

Skull Corrupt is therefore one of the best keys to the game and can be obtained in the Nightmare Awakening Quest, which begins in Dawnstar.

The best thing about collecting dreams in sleep is that the action itself is not considered aaggression, which means that you can freely collect dreams without fear for your life.

You will not be attacked and you cannot become aggressive by this main action.

8. Ogma Infinum

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim


Ogma Infinum is a book by Hermey the Sea. It is considered the best skill book in the game.

With this Daedric artifact you can earn 5 points for different skills – and you have three different choices, each improving different skills.

Please refer to the diagram on this page to better understand the three different routes you can take.

There was a bug that allowed you to read the book countless times and bring all your abilities to level 100, but it was fixed. It was a fucking cop-out while it lasted.

If you still want to get started, you can only receive this book if you complete the search for the transmonde solution.

7. Volume rotation

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Volendrung is a hammer that appears from the beginning in almost all games with Elder Scrolls.

This is one of the most powerful two-handed weapons in Skyrim , and it has the effect of absorbing 50 stamina points from any enemy who touches it.

The hammer also hits 25 points and although it looks very heavy at first glance, it offers many advantages to support this weight. In general, the endurance absorption is good.

The Volendrung is a dwarf hammer owned and used as an artifact by Malakat’s main grandfather.

When you have completed your quest, you will possess this powerful and terrible piece of a cursed weapon.

6. Namir Ring

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim


With this scary ring you can feed on corpses and at the same time increase your stamina with massively 50points.

What’s more, by feeding the corpse, you can restore your health much more quickly, while at the same time boosting the general wellbeing of the feeding process. Crazy yeah, but crazy enough to work!

Please note that in order to obtain this rare item, you must complete the Taste of Death quest. Then you can talk to Namira’s devotee in the death room to get her ring.

5. Rescue hatch

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

The skin of the Redeemer is a particularly light leather harness owned by the Wolf, Prince Hiritsin of Dedricia.

You need to get that piece of armor for Hiritsin while you’re looking for him. But eventually Hiritsin appears and blesses the dress so you can keep it. That’s good, right?

It has a good defensive value for such a light armor and is probably one of the best options in the game.

The most important form of this Dedarian artifact is that it protects you by increasing toxicity by 50%. It also offers 15% resistance to magical attacks, including all spells in the game!

4. Bloody Pink

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

The fucking rose is a stick… You got it, Rose.

It allows you to summon the mighty warrior of Dremora for a battle that lasts a minute in total. And let me tell you, this thing is powerful.

In the game this item belongs to Sanguin, the Death Lord of Lust and leader of the Dark Brotherhood. You can obtain this item by completing the Sanguine Quest, which you can start immediately after level 14 (or higher).

3. Heralds

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

The charmer is an artifact of Deedricus, the dragon lord of Periyat.

This powerful shield can give you good starting protection, but it has an extra bonus that gives you special protection that also protects you from all kinds of magical damage up to 50 points.

This is probably the best choice for someone who wants to fight powerful wizards and really needs extra protection.

2. Wabbajack

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim


Wabbajak is an artifact of Deadric of Shegorat, as you can guess from a crazy name.

It’s a magic wand with a random effect – it can cast any spell, but it doesn’t do it alone.

You can apply it to an enemy and randomly increase his abilities, or you can apply it to a friend and kill him with a powerful destruction spell. But it’s fun, isn’t it?

Wabbajak is a risky subject, but it is one of the best Dedric artifacts in the game, and has been seen in several senior scrollgames.

1. Skeleton key

15 Best Daedric Artifacts & Objects in Skyrim

Although this point does not count as a mistake, the key skeleton remains one of the most symbolic points of the Ancient Scrolls franchise.

It works like a lock hook, but unlike all the other lock hooks in the game, it doesn’t break. Never!

This means you can use it to quickly balance your hacking skills and open a door or safe without a high level. In fact, it’s the most important key to everything.

To catch this villain in Skyrim, you must end the blind quest. Tip: It’s about working with thieves, painting me in shock.



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