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15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

The conjugation school is one of the most powerful schools in Skyrim. This allows magicians to clean rooms full of enemies without lifting a finger, while relying on the power of their challenge.

That’s why it’s very important for players who want to create a spell corps to have the right spells to unlock the full potential of this discipline. And that’s why I made this list of the best spells a sorcerer’s arsenal should have.

Remember that this list does not contain any spells found in mods, no matter how powerful they are. That’s why I only think of witchcraft spells included in the basic game and the DLC packages.

15. Shower cubicle

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim


Soul Catching Spell is a pupil level spell that you can use to fight enemies. It works so that they fill the jewel of the soul if they die within 60 seconds of casting the spell.

It’s not a powerful spell in itself. But it can help keep your enchanted items fully loaded with if you constantly use it in collisions with the enemy. That’s surprisingly easier than it sounds.

You can create this spell in the Atrons Forge or buy it from Phinis Gestor and Falion.

14. Amount Array

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

Collectors have to move like everyone else, but a good wizard doesn’t have to depend on crews and horses.

A powerful wizard needs a little more. Of course, something to achieve your goal, but perhaps also something that affects the fear in the hearts of your enemies.

That’s where Arvak comes into the picture, because with Summon Arvak you can access a lifeless horse directly from the depths of Cairn’s soul, your faithful mountain in the course of your adventures.

And all you have to do is complete the search for Soul Horse Kern at DLC Dawnguard.

13. Witchcraft Mistman’s

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

Mistman is an Adept level spell that triggers a floating skeleton so you can fight the bad guys on your way.

And even if it doesn’t give you much tactical advantage, other than having someone to fight with, it seems really cool to challenge you. It’s usually like a floating skeleton right out of someone’s worst nightmares.

This spell can be found in the Cairn of the Soul at Jiuba Opus, page seven, and requires the DLC Dawnguard.

12. Zombie killed

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

This spell captures the dark side of the wizard and adds a little necromantic flavor.

In this way you can revive the dead you met in battle and force them to fight for you for sixty seconds, using all the skills they used in battle before they died. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

This means that in principle you have an infinite stock of or trailers as long as the bodies keep falling. It also gives you everything you need to create unstoppable powers that can do it, so you don’t have to lift a finger to end the fight.

You can get this master-level spell by buying it from Phinis Gestor.

11. Prohibition Dedra

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

Daedra Banish is a simple Adept-level spell that comes in handy when you meet other magicians.

This gives you the opportunity to send the cries of your dead back to oblivion as often as you like, while your own summoned creatures rule the battlefield to show them why they don’t have what it takes to defeat you.

It’s a spell that seems perfect to play with your opponents for a while, it seems: I’m the only wizard here, forget it!

You can obtain this spell by visiting the Cave of Broken Belts and collecting it from the chest that opens with Hagar’s Chest Key, or you can buy it from Phinis Gestor and Falion.

10. Bound sword

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim


One of the ethereal weapons, the Bordered Sword spell, is useful for magicians who want to compete with their enemies.

This new weapon challenge has an initial strength of 9 points, which can be improved with the Mystic Binding Perk, and is useful if you want to build a warrior that relies heavily on magic.

You can get this sword early in the game from Falion and Phinis Gestor. It’s worth a try if you want to play a little witchcraft.

9. Ratman calls

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

The Knight is a dead warrior that you can summon directly from the soul of the Cairn to fight your enemies with a spark of supernatural necromancy.

Tom to find out how to summon this creature is south of Opus Juba, where the fifth page is.

Please note that the drawing needs a magical expert and the DLC Dawnguard to access Soul Cairn.

8. Trusted flame

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

Every wizard must know the right people. And the Fire-eater goes beyond his master’s calling.

Everything that goes up in flames appears and immediately draws a line with the enemy, explodes on contact, returns to the air to wait again and again for the call until there is no more enemy on his feet.

Probably the worst visual effects I’ve seen lately.

This Student-level Tomel is given to the player as a reward after completing the quest with a scroll for Anska.

7. Silence of death

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

As a Dread Zombie you can use this spell to revive a corpse to fight at your side.

But unlike other spells, this one is reserved for masters, which means it costs more in magic and requires to master the art of.

But it also has the advantage of being permanent, so you can rely more directly on your reanimated companion, because it fights with all its strength and follows you everywhere. A walk, a conversation, without ever leaving the side of the zombie. I don’t think I want to fight.

A great way to let the Skyrim scum know you’re not a wizard to worry about, because you can easily end their lives and add them to your entourage.


Phinis Gestor sells this spell after completing quest Summon Ritual Spell .

6. Dremora Lord

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim


Here is a spell that requires a greater knowledge of the art of conjugation. Summon Dremora Lord is an experienced level spell that gives you the power to summon one of his most terrifying creatures, Dremora Lord, to take it out of oblivion and fight alongside you.

You can buy this spell from Phinis Gestor as soon as your level is high enough to manage its power.

I don’t think it’s a good choice for everyone, just because of the high level and the time it takes, but it’s definitely worthwhile to see if you can get to a higher level.

5. Arrow connected

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

With Bound Arrow you can imagine a bow and a set of 100 arrows that you can drop on your enemies.

Arrows have a fairly good initial damage assessment of 18 and can be updated with Mystic Bookbinding Perk.

The best thing about this Adept level spell is that if you accidentally run out of arrows that come with the spell, or if you want to use a more powerful set from the beginning, just equip it with the arrows you need and they will work with the bow to them. If you can combine things like that, why not?

You can buy this spell at Phalion and Phoenix Gestor or you can find it for free at Fort Amol Prison.

4. Magic Flame Atronach

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

It’s a kind of bread and butter for any serious wizard. Flame Atronach is a slim and fiery creature that immediately attacks all enemies with fireballs.

And even though this spell is a student spell, if used correctly, it can do a lot of damage to of your enemies .

This fiery challenge attacks your enemies right after the spell. But he has another surprise for the one who will be there when the unsuspecting enemy hands out the final blow by exploding to death.

It is sad to see it go, but this powerful explosion does not harm the fire, for this creature leaves the realm of the living.

Buy this spell in Falon or Finis Gestor, or if you’re in the mood for adventure, find it in the tomb of Corvangound or make it in the forge of Atrons (as the name suggests).

3. Earthquake

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim


It’s basically a Frost Atronach, but it has an extra bonus because it’s permanent.

This icy, heavy golem creature is here to fight at your side until his death. I named my Steve.

Challenging this creature requires a masterly conjugation, and it is also a great addition to the arsenal of ice-cold characters.

You can buy a spell in Phinis Gestor after the joining ritual of the quest.

2. Arniel’s Shadow

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim


After completing Arniel Endeavor ‘s quest, you will receive Arniel Summon Shadow’s Summon Spell. This allows you to fulfill your obligations to Winterhold College, a place that has shown you ropes and new spells.

With this spell, you’ll get the help of one of his scientists in your relentless battle against the forces of evil.

This challenge is one of the most useful you can find in the game, because it is not worth the magic of throwing and is invulnerable to the twenty-second challenge. This makes Shadow Arniel a partner you want at all costs when you have to deal with powerful enemies in large numbers.

1. Newborn axle

15 Best Conjuration Spells at Skyrim

Here the beauty of witchcraft really shows its risks and benefits.

For every time you summon caviar, the heart stone (which you can get from the mines of Solstheim) will be taken from your inventory to make successful caviar, and if you don’t have the stone and are still trying the spell, the creature that summoned you will turn against you.

So you have to be very careful with your stuff and make sure you don’t provoke the creature on a whim. However, it is one of the most powerful spells you can cast, so following the path of a wizard is a must.

But somehow it’s the risk that makes it so big. Because it conveys the taste of the dangers of careless manipulation of magic, every master magician should know this.

This spell requires the Dragonborn DLC, and you can only purchase it from Talvas Fathryon after completing Telvanni Quest Research.



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