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15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

The bad guy’s life is full of danger. It is a life that requires a fast response time, a large target, a powerful bow and above all an arrow game that can hit anytarget with .

Of course, the ability to be an onion master is an essential part of the job. But these skills don’t matter if your arrows can’t even get through a haystack.

In this list you’ll find my selection of the 15 best types of shooters you can find on Skyrim. If you want to become a better archer and master the art of archery, this list is the first step on this difficult but useful journey. Keep in mind that some of these shooters are hard to find, so it can be a challenge to get into all of them!

15. Former Northern Tree

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

The arrows of the Old North are the best ammunition that can be fired without extra precautions, especially because they cost almost nothing and are very easy to reach.

They weigh almost nothing, so bows that have to shoot more in exchange for their efficiency and strength may find it more convenient to collect arrows from the Old North with Draugrus.

14. Tied spear

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

Rickling’s spear is, as the name suggests, a spear that resembles the weapon Rickling owns at Dragonborn DLC.

Players can use them as spears or arrows, but the player can only use them as arrows.

They are a solid choice for transport, but they are not as light as the old northern arrows, and they do the same damage as steel arrows, all with a lower speed and a smaller range. Sure, that’s okay, but they’re strong enough to justify a place on that list.

13. Steel boom

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)


Steel snipers are incredibly common because they usually spawn early in the game.

This arrow cannon can also be used by almost every archer, so you’ll probably come across a lot of this ammunition on your journey through Skyrim’s land.

They are sold by almost every dealer in the game, and it is quite easy to get hold of them. With a damage base of 10, they’re much more common than anything else, but they’re still strong enough to destroy your enemies.

12. Killer whale arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

Orc arrows are the first type of arrows you want to buy when you’re new in the game.

They are sold in all cities and are not subject to any level requirements. For example, the Orc arrows are the first type of valuable arrows in the game, with the exception of steel ammunition.

And it is worth mentioning that they cause more damage than a normal steel dam with a base damage of 12.

You can also collect these arrows in most gang camps and sell them in regular shops for 3 coins each. For beginners it can be difficult to get money at the beginning of the game. So Orc arrows will help you save a small fortune!

11. Dwarf Jib

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

With base damage of 14, Dwarf Arrows are powerful ranged weapons that can be purchased from merchants, high-ranking gangsters, or by looting the ruins of the ancient Double-Civilization.

They can also be made by the player himself if he collects the dwarf rods, which are very easy to find and worthwhile.

The basic damage makes it a reliable companion and a solid kind of arrow that you can carry if you take the time to collect enough rods to make it.


10. North arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

The Scandinavian arrow has the same characteristics as the Dwarf, but they are not as common as their Dwarf counterparts.

It is therefore not advisable to stack them, as is the case with gnome pieces.

The elegant design of the Scandinavian arrow is representative of the Nords themselves, who can sometimes carry large numbers of this type of ammunition. Note that this is also different from the old arrows from the north, which I mentioned earlier. I’d say they’re much better suited for use on a traditional battlefield.

The most common way to get this 14-based damage from traders is to cause it yourself. But this process requires wood, steel blocks and mercury, so you’ll have to travel a bit.

9. Fairy Arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

The mighty arrows of the elves are not meant for archers. They’re asking you to go to the next level before you can get it, but I say it’s worth the wait.

In any case, they have damage on base 16 and often carry Talmor soldiers and many high-level enemies.

They are also found in multi-storey vaults, so steal as much as you can.

8. Glass arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

Glass arrows are one of the most important and powerful arrow types in the main Skyrim game, although they outperform some variations of the Elven arrow with less damage.

Glass arrows are made of malachite, and with a ground damage of 18, they are one of the most popular types of ammunition, usually to try to get most archers and bullets of medium and high level.

7. Centurion Dwarf Arrow Gun

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

This is the only arrow in this list that a player cannot get if the console teams are not used.

These powerful arrows shoot at the Centurion Spheres that protect the ruins of Dwemer, and their power is considered one of the highest in the game.

You’ve got a damage base of 20, so if you’re on the host’s side, you might want to run if you don’t have a shield!

They can be found in the museums of Skyrimu and in parts of the Dwarf ruins, and differ from the usual dwarf arrows only in their reddish dots.

6. Ebony arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)


Ebony archers are the type of archers preferred by the Dark Brotherhood lovers because of their dark black color (including the tube).

They start spawning at level 21, but can be acquired at level 40.

With a set of ebonite arrows, you can do terrible basic damage in 20 units, each arrow is sold for about 7 Septimians per unit.

Note that they can be made with ebony rods in the forges, so make sure you get your hands dirty and pick up as many rods as possible. It is undeniable that they are among the strongest in the game, making even the weakest archers powerful warriors.

5. Stalhrim Arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)

Stalhrim trees must be made of stalrim and firewood, and they are also incredibly powerful.

You will need to complete a search called New Stalhrim Source to access the hardware, which of course requires the installation of Dragonborn DLC.

They can be found by looting Glover Mallory (Breton blacksmith) or in some of the boxes/containers scattered around the area.

However, they seldom occur anymore, so the best way to get these arrows is by forgingyourself.

4. Bloody Elven Arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)


After completing the Touch the Sky quest in DLC Dawnguard, you can change ordinary pixie arrows in their version of Bloodcursed.

They have a very special use because they obscure the sun when shot with an aurora.

However, these hands have the same basic damage as ordinary fairy hands and the sun protection effect during the day has little practical use.

3. Elba Solar Arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)


Solar arrows also have the same basic damage as ordinary elven arrows. The Yellowbor Paladin Knight can get them, as he will enchant the player if they bring him the usual elven arrows.

They can also be fired at the sun from the Auriel arch to cause an explosion that damages both friends and enemies, or they can be aimed at enemies to cause a devastating effect of sunlight that lasts for a few seconds.

Try it yourself and see how much raw power they have.

2. Derrick’s arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)


Derisch arrows are excellent examples of archer’s ammunition, which can be quite difficult to obtain.

They are reminiscent of most parts of the traditional weapons of the Daedrics, with a grey-black color palette and a terrifying design that deserves the depth of oblivion.


Deidrick’s arrows are indeed made of ebony.

But they’re merged with Deadre’s heart, giving them hellish strength. They can be found at the Dragon Born at a high level or they can be made from the above mentioned materials, with a little wood in the forge.

They are made in 24 series, so if you spend enough time eating, you can do well with a good handful.

1. Dragon arrow

15 Best Arrows at Skyrim (Ranked)


With a base damage of 25, Dragonbone arrows are the most powerful arrows in the game.

They are also quite difficult to obtain (big surprise).

You have to pass level 45 to get your hands on them, and they too are rarely born into the world of the game. The only guaranteed place you’ll always find them is Cairn’s Shower.

You can also make these arrows by killing dragons and collecting their bones as material. Smell them in a forge of wood and you’ll have very strong arrows.



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