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14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School

Bolts are used in OSRS ammunition for crossbows, making them indispensable for any player who wants to focus on long-range weapons.

They consist of two elements: the metal part is made by forging, while the pins are added with the skill of assembly. Special screws are also available from sample droplets or from specialist dealers.

If the shooter can decide on an adventurer’s career, wait and see what these bolts are capable of! Here is my selection of the best old-school RuneScape bolts.

14. Steel bolt

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


These bolts are manufactured by attaching level 46 flight springs to unprocessed steel bolts that are manufactured when you have a steel rod and level 33 forging production.

These bolts can also be obtained from zombie pyrite and sorebones.

They can be shot with a steel crossbow or any other better quality crossbow, and although they are quite simple, they do exactly what you need them to do.

13. Top Axle Screws

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


For example, your steel bolts can be transformed into topaz bolts, which you can enchant with the magical Arbalet (Red Topaz) bolt, which is available when you have 29 magical levels.

These flaps have the ability to create a Down to Earth effect that reduces the magic of the target by one level.

Because the effect only works against players, topaz screws are only used in PvP.

12. Mitre screw

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


They are made of mitre rods with 53 forged pieces.

Then secure the bolts with springs at level 54 and you’re ready to go.

These gate valves are mandatory for long range shooting exercises because they cause decent damage and are not too expensive to produce. And Mitril is just an excellent material to work with.


11. Sapphire lock

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


This is one of the many screws in which you can mount mitre screws.

All you need is level 7 magic and sapphire.

Interesting about these sapphire shutters is their ability to create a Pure Mind effect.

This effect not only reduces the number of prayer points of the target, but also absorbs half of them and transfers them into your own prayer statistics.

Like topaz screws, sapphire screws only work in PvP situations.

10. Emerald green bolt

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


As the green peaks show, these bolts are used to poison every enemy.

You have a 55% chance of weakening the magic poison. The chance of applying the poison can be increased by 10% by completing the Kandarin’s diary search.

You can create 10 Emerald Bolts at once, enchanting Mitril Bolts with the Magic Bolt Arbalet (Emerald) spell.

You can only do this if you have level 27 magic, but it’s worth it.

9. Wide End Stud (Normal)

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


Wide bolts on crossbows and adhesive bolts on crossbows Adamant.

They require a combat level of 55 and are mainly used against Turot or Kurask.

These bolts have a durability of +100, and you can get 250 of them, giving you 35 bonus points. You can also do this by buying large screws that are not finished with coins and then adding springs. However, bear in mind that at least level 55 of the meat must be cut for this purpose.

8. Adamant bolt

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


In contrast to the wide bolt construction, they do not require a specific low level.

Their only condition is that they have to shoot from a non deformable crossbow or another crossbow with the number 46 or higher.


You can make 10 non-deformable screws for a non-deformable rod. Unfortunately, that means you’re gonna be mining a lot.

All you need is a level 73 blacksmith to get started. You can also get them as monstrous drops of Iron Dragon or skeleton weavers.

7. Wide End Stud (Amethyst)

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


Wide section amethyst buttons are modernized versions of the wide section buttons.

They require a fairly high intensity of use: The Hunter is level 65, level 61 and can only be shot with a few weapons like the Armadil Crossbow, Dragon Crossbow and Dragon Runner.

These large amethyst rods are used to kill Turot and Kurask. Or something else, really.

Add amethyst nails to the wide studs by pulling at level 76 and you can easily make 10 of these studs.

6. Safety bolt

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


Runecast bolts can only be used with an armadillo or a runecast crossbow.

You need a range of 61 to use them, but they’re damn powerful.

Because runner bolts are quite expensive, they are mainly used in critical situations, for example in a fight with the boss or for the protection of plant varieties.

The 88 forging stages allow the production of 10 unfinished round billets from a single billet. You will then have to raise your flight level to 60 to add feathers before you can use them in battle.

5. Ruby screws

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


Magic Adamant screws with ruby red bolt points through the Bolt Arbalt (Ruby) spell, and you get these powerful beauties.

To make 10 ruby bolts, you need the 49. Magical level, as well as runoja and five firerunnami. And if you shoot a lot, they’ll pass quickly.


The ruby indicates the colour of the blood, so these bolts can cause 10% damage depending on the actual impact points.

This is incredibly useful, but it should be noted that this effect damages the ceilings of 100.

These bolts are very effective against powerful targets such as the Black Dragons, as well as some bosses such as Kre’arra and Commander Zilyana of the War with the Church of the Gods.

4. Diamond screw

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School

To get them, just enchant them with stubborn diamond bolts with the right spell.

They are beautiful and shoot too, so I strongly advise you to keep them close if you hunt a lot.

To make this beam, you need to make magic level 57, a space run, two law runes and 10 earth runes.

These enchanted runes have a 15% chance of increasing the maximum effect by 15% while ignoring the defense of the target. It’s a big problem when you’re fighting big knights in the field.

3. Dragonstone bolt

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School

Breathe the dragon with the spell of the crossbow arrow.

This way you get these handy bolts that have a chance to activate the target.

This can cause enormous damage to targets that have a low defensive capability or are not protected by anti-sleep or fire effects.

Note, however, that these bolts are not a good idea if you want to fight dragons or fire creatures. As you can guess from their names, they’re not as useful to these enemies.

2. Kite spindle

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School

The only type of brace that cannot be made by forging is the kite brace. So these are probably the rarest screws you can get in RuneScape.


Unprepared bolts of this type can only be obtained from inflexible dragons, running dragons or pre-cats.

In addition, you still need to have level 84 to add feathers before you can use them with certain crossbows.

They are incredibly rare and quite powerful, so you can keep a few in stock just in case. Or maybe you’ll hold them as a reminder. They’ll probably sell it on the market for a good price.

1. Enchanted onyx bolts

14 RuneScape Bolts Best & Strongest Old School


These bolts have a 10% chance of causing a Leech of Life effect, which causes 20% more damage and cures 25% of the damage.

Seriously, those bolts are gonna swing. They’re worth raising your magic level just to own them.

The effect can only work against living targets, which means that the effect does not work against non-dead targets such as zombies and small bears. Still, you have to touch it if you can.

These bolts are probably too expensive to use regularly, so most players use them in special battles where they can offer a big advantage. And think about this: If there’s a question you just can’t solve, onyx bolts may be the answer.

Accompanying note : You can also get it from a dead animal when the monster is dripping, so go ahead and start eating.



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