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12 Kingdom Management Tips – A Pathfinder: Kingmaker Guide (Updated)

12 Kingdom Management Tips – A Pathfinder: Kingmaker Guide (Updated)

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Just last year, Owlcat Games took on the ambitious task of transforming the role-playing game Pathfinder of the Paizo editions into a full-fledged video game. Since then, the name has cultivated a cult of loyal fans. However, the game is not that simple. If you want to be a scoutmaster: Kingmaker, there’s a part of the game where you probably need help. You’ll have to learn how to run your kingdom.

Prosecution: Kingmaker has an advanced kingdom management system that requires continuous maintenance and control by the player. The game has an option that allows the A.I. to run the kingdom for you. However, some players have decided to give up A.I. help in favour of a better challenge.

If you want to know some useful tips and tricks to manage your kingdom, read the following information.

12 Kingdom Management Tips – A Pathfinder: Kingmaker Guide (Updated)

1. Know your statistics

When it comes to managing your kingdom, you’ll want to see all the statistics you have. There are 10 primary statistics in total. If one of these values becomes too low, you could get into serious trouble. But don’t worry. There are ways to keep them at a high level.

Each primary statistic has an expert advisor who will follow your kingdom more or less successfully, depending on its characteristics. Below you will find a full presentation of the concept.

Primary management Legal adviser Attribute
Community Regent Broadcast
Loyalty Consultant Wisdom
The Army General Information Power
Divine High Priest Wisdom
Economy Treasurer Information
Relationship Great diplomat Charisma
Culture Curator Broadcast
Stability Director Constitution
Secretive Masterpiece Information
Espionage Minister Dext

In order to maintain a high level of primary statistics, you will want to assign consultants to each role based on the correlation between their competence values. For example, a great charismatic figure will be of great importance to a great diplomat, a conservative or a regent.

2. Knowing where to find good advisors

To hire consultants, you have to find them first. See the table below to see where to find the right symbols for each position.

Consultant Position Location
Valeria Rain/Diplomat Prologue
Amiri General Information Prologue
Linzi Diplomat/advisor Prologue
Harrim High Priest Prologue
Jaethal Trustee/Minister Prologue
Regongar Director of the probation service Technical warehouse
Octavia Rain/Mayster Technical warehouse
Tristan Consultant The Moose Temple
Lander Lebeda Regent Coronation
Shandra Mervey Consultant Coronation
Cassil Aldori General Information Coronation
Birthday Treasurer/Treasurer Skunk Ford
Ekundayo Chef/Master Watchtower destroyed
Iodine Cavines High Priest Dornen-Ford
Bartholomew Delgado Treasurer/diplomat Detached house
Kesten Gress Director Aldori Banquet Room
Storytellers tutor/major Throne room
Tsanna High Priests/Council Presidents Lamashtu temple
Vordacai Masterpiece Tomb of Foredakai
Azijnvarn Treasurer The throne room after Varnhold.

3. Use of food and transport equipment

Much of the good management of your kingdom is the good management of your time. Every time you travel alone, it takes a lot of time. However, this can take much longer if your site is not properly prepared.

If you leave your kingdom in search of camping or other food, your group will inevitably have to briefly interrupt their journey to hunt and feed themselves. This process can take several hours.

Every hour on the Pathfinder: The creator of the kingdom is another chance to let something go wrong in your kingdom. After all, your countries and peoples have a constant need for micromanagement.

That is why you will want to shorten the duration of the trip by keeping a large amount of rations ready at all times.

4. You can buy aBP

Building Points, also known as BPs, are used for almost everything when it comes to running the kingdom. Improving human settlements, project management and construction are just some of the things you need this essential resource for.

One of the problems facing many players at an early stage is BP’s shortfall. Without this priceless resource, the growth of your kingdom will come to a standstill. So you’re gonna have to keep up the pressure.

At the end of the game you may have gold left over, but the PB may have a deficit. It turns out that you can actually buy a BP for 80 gold points from a trader on the main square. Use this feature to grow your kingdom.

5. Perform your functions

Sometimes you can do whatever it takes and face a falling kingdom. This is because new tasks often bring new challenges. Sometimes, when you get a new quest, your kingdom becomes a kind of debauchery. For example, a rejection can amount to a decline in your economy’s figures.

The more certain searches and other crises remain unfinished, the more important this beginning is. The negative consequences that ignoring missions can have on your empire can be completely devastating. So make sure you complete every mission and solve every crisis as soon as it occurs.

6. Saving money for starting large projects

Within the framework of the administration of your kingdom, you have the possibility to carry out certain projects. Some only last a few days, but many last up to half a month. You will be forced to continue these days without being able to make other decisions for your kingdom during this time.

That’s why you should save your game before starting any longer projects. If your kingdom is confused after accepting and waiting for the project, simply reload the saved file and try a different approach to improve your kingdom.

In addition, it would be advisable to make a firm reminder after each chapter of the game. There will be times when certain decisions will lead your empire into an uncontrollable spiral. In these moments it can be very reassuring to have to defeat many difficult rescues from different phases of the game.

7. You do not always see your messages

To enter your kingdom, you must be in the region for which you are applying for asylum. If you go camping outside your kingdom, you must return before you can continue to rule your kingdom.

Also, you will only see notifications that relate to your realm if you are within the limits of your realm. If you spend too much time trying, you risk returning to your country and finding your kingdom in turmoil.

8. Problems always take precedence over possibilities

There are two types of royal events: problems and opportunities. Events of opportunity are an opportunity for you to improve your kingdom. However, there are no penalties for cancellation or simply lack of opportunity.

Problematic events, however, must be brought to an end. If you cancel or fail to complete these missions, your kingdom will suffer. That is why you will want to give priority to problem events rather than opportunities.

Unfortunately, problem cases tend to germinate like weeds. Therefore, you must be sufficiently vigilant and active during such events.

9. Urban renewal

If you want your kingdom to grow, you’ll want to modernize your cities. You can turn your main village into a city after you have claimed two new areas and built settlements there.

The more regions you buy and the more facilities you build, the more time you can spend improving your facilities. There are a total of three levels of settlements: villages, towns and municipalities.

10. The more you worry, the smaller thebonus will be.

There are six levels of social welfare in total. The more civil unrest there is in your empire, the lower your bonuses for unrest and random events. Details are given in the table below.

Civil defence Amendment
Cloudless +1
Stable 0
Fascinating -1
Incorrect -2
Riots -3
Crash -4

11. Construction of other notice boards

The Bulletins give a military reward of +1 and +2 for solving problems in the area where the organization is located. But to use these bodies, you need a legitimate baroness. Although the effects of the tips don’t add up, they will make solving problems on each of your properties much less problematic.

12. Don’t be too hasty when it comes to building

The construction of different structures on your land will increase the total statistics of the kingdom. If you have enough extra DPs to spend on structures, this can be a great way to take your empire to the next level. There are other things you have to do first.

You will receive a huge bonus when you complete the Kingdom events. As a result, you will want to minimize your building habits and save a significant portion of your PO at closing events.



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