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12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

Particularly remarkable record in the series, the coat of arms of the saints: The third one certainly won’t bet on stupidity.

Absolutely exceptional, Saints Row takes the bold formula of open-world realism created in games like GTA 4 and puts it aside for pure, unadulterated fun.

It doesn’t matter if you walk down the street, wave to the police, fly in the air, make powerful moves against unsuspecting civilians or tear the city apart with a powerful futuristic weapon – Saints Row : The third one will give you a good time.

And if you’re looking for the best ways to get out and have fun, you’ll love this list of the game’s best weapons.

12. Dashes

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

From what we want to continue, the first weapon on this list is undoubtedly one of the funniest in the game.

Although the idea of using the light dildo as a weapon in an offside game is not a new concept (see San Andreas), the use of this game is very fun.

Basically, the Penetrator is a new baseball bat that hits everywhere while running. However, he is always able to deliver a fatal blow to any poor soul who stands in your way.

11. Cost of bags

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

A slightly more believable weapon, the Satchel Charges is no less fun. Especially considering the incredible physics of the game and the infinitely fascinating physics of fabric dolls.

The animation of the backpack throw is almost as exaggerated as the way your victims fly through the air before they land at a good distance from their point of departure.

Give free rein to your desire to recreate a Trojan horse by loading a car with backpacks, riding it to a group of enemies and then diving and watching fireworks.

10. Mower Drone

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

Another explosive on the list – the Reaper UAV – is a weapon to which you can fall back if you have a good point of view – preferably on the roof of a large building – and if you want the rain to fall from a distance on your enemies.

When you equip the Dron Reaper with high quality technology, you take out the James Bond type device with a screen. This gives you the opportunity to observe what is in the field of vision.

Where it exceeds , the versatility is.

Either you fire the missiles blindly into the streets below you, or you want to get closer and personally target someone for precise and maximum destruction.

9. Beast

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

Unfortunately, the Behemoth sword is not available outside the Deckers.that mission in holy row 3. However, it is sufficient to note that he is included in this list.

The hippopotamus sword is an incredibly powerful and radiant sword that looks amazingly similar to Halo’s sword.

The only difference is that the hippopotamus in this game allows you to throw yourself in different directions with your attacks or to send breathtaking earth-shattering shock waves and even spit fire when you’re in this kind of thing.

8. Impact hammer

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

These big melee weapons are unfortunately only available for 10 missions each and can only be purchased by retiring Decker gang members.

But the search for Shock Hammer is 100% worth it. Even if it’s only a temporary weapon.

Perhaps closest to the feeling of a Thor in open game is having a percussion hammer, which can emit electric shock waves and keep enemies at a reasonable distance.

The Shock Hammer is a truly destructive melee weapon and is an object you want to find at every opportunity.

7. Cyber-Buster

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

From Thor to Megaman, you will find it difficult not to love the use of that Megaman Cyber Buster weapon that will blow you and your enemies up.

Because the entertainment value has such a high priority in the weapon ranking of each game, the Cyber Buster occupies a respectable place on this list.

The futuristic sound effects certainly contribute to the on-screen carnage. But the special thing about this weapon is that you pull the trigger and charge a highly concentrated bullet of electrical energy to shoot someone and then send everything that comes close into space.

6. Starting jigs

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

The mollusk launcher is a weapon that, by its name, could make a list of things to play with.

If you take out this modification of the rocket launcher, you’ll see a cute anime style octopus that cools down on the barrel and makes the strangest high frequency sounds.

Yeah, it’s not the usual squid you shoot at your enemies.

They are deliberately controlled by squids.

As soon as they break into your victim’s face, the Kraken subconsciously forces his master to dance before he puts them on their side. As you can see, this would be especially useful during a shoot.

5. Quaternary circular weft

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

Other weapons designed for specific missions such as Behemoth (number 9), Quarter Circle Punch – for street fighting fans who have always wanted to be able to throw fireballs out in the open.

In Clone Troubles, the protagonist (yes, that’s his name) temporarily acquires superhero skills, including these breathtaking fireballs.

With the production of one of the best hadukes you’ve ever made, the quarter circle punch is worth repeating its mission.

4. RC Owners

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

St. Rowe’s: The third is in fact the impossible to do. And RC Possessor proves they did the right thing.

When we play with the open world, sometimes we want more than just a real-life simulator. We want to be able to do something special, such as use a special hook.

Another version of something just as cool is the RC Possessor, with which you can drive the car remotely. So you can use it any way you want. It’s a good thing you lost the fucking gang without a scratch.

3. SA3 Air raid

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

In the same position as the Reaper UAV (no. 10), the peculiarity of the SA3’s air strike as a weapon is its ability to operate at a relatively short distance.

This means you can hit them in those difficult situations where the enemy is hiding behind a car or in a building and you can’t break through.

Aim your weapon and fire the laser until the sound of the beams can be heard from a distance.

Then sit back and watch the devastation that follows.

2. Apoka Fist

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

Immediately crush anyone who gets in your way with the simple and absurd Apocalyptic Fist.

Apoca-Fist is a huge fist that can drag anyone into a cloud of red fog. She’s very funny and shouldn’t be seen.

Like murder of instinct, this weapon will make cars fly forever.

The best thing about the Apocafaust is to grab a friend, go to the top of a tall building, force him to get up or get into a (decent) car and push him right away.

1. Silencer

12 Best weapons in the Holy Row:

Although Sonic Tree may not be the deadliest weapon in terms of pure destruction, it is perhaps the most entertaining of all.

This high-tech weapon can directly vaporize people like an apocalypse by emitting sounds or making cars come back when you need more privacy.

However, the best part of this weapon, like the Cyber Buster (number 7), is the ability to charge and fire concentrated shots.

And this powerful shot is just wonderful to use on vehicles. It can also be used for the same purposes as the Fist of Revelation, especially among friends.

But if you really want to create some chaos, the best weapon is to act fast.



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