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10 Tips to Improve Your Skills in Mount & Blade: Warband – Beginner’s Guide

Installation and sheet: Warband, a Mount & Bladeself-expanding action RPG , has received a lot of attention from players since its introduction. And the game shows no sign of delay. If you are new to Mount & Blade: Battle Group and you want to improve your skills, read the ten tips below.

1. Recruitment files

There are pros and cons to recruiting gentlemen. But it’s almost always worth recruiting them and not ignoring them.

A number of masters will greatly increase your chances of winning in your case. More allies means more power. However, you will have to give part of your land to your masters if you want them to be happy. That’s why recruiting Lords can be costly.

But you must try to strengthen your allies if it seems too complicated.

2. Do not run away.

Marriage is complicated and its consequences can be serious. If you don’t get permission from your family before you take care of your fiancée, you’ll have to flee.

If you run away, you’re the enemy of your loved ones, including your father. The right way to do this is to win the favor of your loved ones and feed them with visits, poetry and tournament victories.

If you are not of noble descent, you should make an effort to get to know these characters during the holidays. But it’s only for men.

Women only have to find the Lord they want to marry and ask Him to strengthen the bond in their home. You will not do this at the beginning of the game because it forces you to build a relationship with your future husband in the game. Note that this gives you a vassal in the faction he leads. It takes too many mechanics to talk about it here, but in fact it means you have their poorest village and their friends and enemies.

3. Troop control

That seems obvious, but it is a very important piece of advice. If you start a war within Mount and blade: Battle Group, don’t let your troops advance in a chaotic way. You’ll want to control and organize them. Otherwise your enemy can easily exploit the chaos and overburden his troops.

As soon as the battle starts, press F1 twice to stop your troops. Then click the Back button to exit the control interface. From there you can delegate your troops of your own free will. You can move troops to advantageous areas on the map or divide them into pieces to form a claw movement against your enemies. Whatever the situation, make sure you use the team options to ensure your victory.

4. They don’t use a sufficient.

Experience with holder and blade: Battle Command is based on damage caused. That’s why you’ll want to fight your enemies from the horse. Increasing the speed of the horse will increase your damage.

To get the best out of a fight with a horse, you have to use a lance early in the morning. This weapon is one of the easiest to use and you will get a lot of deaths at the beginning of the game. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can switch from spear to something more personal.

5. Do you want to speed up the map? Don’t worry. You can do it.

Map in – frame and sheet : Battle Group moves very slowly. If you don’t want the card to devour part of your playing time, you’ll want to listen to it.

Many players go to the clock and watch the game Mount & Blade:watch battery without understanding that you can speed up the map. Fortunately, it’s very simple. All you have to do is hold the control key and the space bar at the same time. It will miraculously speed up the process.

6. Do you need new upgrades? Hunter’s tyres

Reputation is incredibly important in this game. That’s why you’ll want to stay in large numbers all the time.

One way to gain prestige is to win unilateral battles that are not to your advantage. It sounds complicated, but it’s not always true.

Get a horse and a spear. Then take a trip. Track down the bandits and start surrounding them. Surround the bandits so far away that you won’t get hurt by your shooters, but so close that the shooters try to hit you.

Keep going around the bandits until the gunmen run out of arrows. Then shoot the bandits one by one with a spear. Hurry up and hit a gangster. Step away and turn around. Then rinse and repeat.

This process may seem boring, but it’s an easy way to make yourself known. After some training, it will probably only take a few minutes to destroy a small gang of thugs.

7. Keep your state of mind at.

There are many implications for morale, including the chance that your soldiers will remain immobile in battle and your speed. If your fighting spirit becomes too weak, your troops will leave you.

This is another factor that usually goes unnoticed until it is too late. Boost your morale by offering your fief a greater variety of food and winning battles for your people. Also make sure your satellites are compatible with each other. Otherwise your classmates can quickly score points with your moral assessment.

8. Increase your power first

If you want to unlock high quality armor and weapons at the end of the game, you must reach the minimum strength of each item. To unlock all the armor in the game and various quality weapons, you must have nine strengths. Make sure you increase your strength so you can enjoy all the fantastic looting games.

9. Test scale.

In the course of the game you will make different decisions. Some of these decisions will be considered controversial. The more decisions you make, the higher your score will be. If your conflict score becomes too high, other factions will become more and more hostile towards you.

At first sight, this assessment seems insignificant, because in reality it only becomes effective when it is too late. Be proactive by regularly checking your account to make sure it doesn’t reach critical mass.

10. Observe your appearance before determining your own action

There are three values you must remember before creating your own faction: actualize, honor and the right to rule. If one of these values is too low when forming a new faction, you will be classified as a rebel force by the other leaders. This will lead to an insurmountable conflict.

Try to raise these values to 50 before setting up your faction to avoid excessive conflict.



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