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10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

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The free gunslinger has existed for many years. To tell you the truth, it’s an incredible name, still as strong as ever. Every day passionate new players join the great Warframe fantasy. With this in mind, we have put together a series of top tips for enthusiastic new players.

1. Don’t forget to go solo before you start talking about some missions.

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

Once you reach the level of Edolon or Orb Vallis, the two open worlds in the game, you can notice a significant increase in difficulty. Fortunately, there is a way to remedy this situation.

On each of these locations you’ll find numerous single-player missions you can perform. According to Rocket Paper Shotgun, Warframe doesn’t seem to adapt the complexity of open-world missions to the preferences of your server.

To solve this problem, go to the on-board menu screen. Click on the globe icon next to your username and make sure it is set to Solo, not Public, Friends or Guest only. If the server is set to Public, you need to prepare for more complex tests.

2. Here are some of the best starting weapons and the best start of Warframegameplay

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

It takes time and dedication to become a skilled and effective player in the field of warfare. To do this, you will want to make the best of your body from the beginning.

Best Frame

Rhino is probably the best war game you can get. He’s known for his armor, not his mobility. But battle footage will prove useful in almost any situation.

To win a pair of rhino goggles, you must first meet the boss of the Jackal on the Pit Mission to Planet Venus. Once you’ve defeated your boss, you can take over the designs of this star-shaped anchor.

The usual structure of the rhino is designed to improve the warship’s ability to sunbathe. If this is what you want, consider using Rush, Stretch, Intensify, Continuity, Streamline, Fast Deflection, Vitality and Steel Fiber.

Best weapon

Although a powerful framework is a good start, it requires a powerful weapon to accompany a power struggle. For the first game there are different types of weapons to keep in mind.

You have several options for the main weapon. Here are some of the most popular weapon options for the first game.

MR4: Stern, Thorid

MR8: Lentz, Zarr

MR7: Dogs, base

MR6: Rubico, Tonkor

For secondary weapons, the following should be noted.

MR4: Aklex, Hickow

MR7: Lex prime, anxietystrum prism

MR8: Pandero

3. How do I unlockCompanions?

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

Escorts can give you the last advantage in battle, so you have to take it as soon as possible. These elegant assistants can also be exchanged. The faster you have a satellite, the faster you can start upgrading it.

There are four types of pets in Warframe, as shown below.

Escorts Description
Wait These high-flying satellites are robots, which means they do not need to be maintained. They’re equipped with long-range weapons.
MOA These auxiliary satellites require no maintenance and are equipped with long-range weapons.
Kubrow These formidable comrades use close combat methods and require maintenance. However, they are also more durable than their MOU and sentimental counterparts.
Kawat These formidable comrades use close combat methods and require maintenance. However, they are also more durable than their MOU and sentimental counterparts.

How to get the watch

If you want to catch a guard, you have to find some drawings first. You can also complete the missions of Clan Dojo, Venus (Earth) and Business on Fortune (Venus) to receive prizes in the form of drawings.

How to obtain the MOA

If you want it MOU, you have to join the Solaris United faction. Complete Vox Solaris’ mission at Fortune to gain access to the faction. Finally, contact your Solaris United Leg retailer to obtain the building plans you need.

How to buy Kubrows

To get your own cubes, you have to multiply them in the Delete Cubes search. First, take the incubator like Ounda, Venus. Then find Kubrow’s egg on E Prime, Earth. Complete the connections between Earth and Mars to feed the incubator core. And finally, you defend your Kubrow in the battle of Gaia, on Earth.

How to get Kawatz

To steal Kawat, you have to multiply them. Luckily, there’s no need to search.

Take Unda’s incubator first, Venus. Then buy the Kawat incubator upgrade segment on the market. Grab the electric core incubator by making the Earth-Mars connection. And finally, you buy ten codes of Kawatha genes on the market.

4. Keep your platinum

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

After downloading the game you will notice that you have received a small amount of Platinum for your new account. Platinum is an essential resource that affects almost every aspect of the Warframe. Don’t waste it now. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

We can’t play platinum in the game anymore. If you want to get more of it, you’ll have to buy it by microtransaction or exchange it for other players.

The most common way to spend this vital resource is to increase the maximum number of combat frames and weapon slots. There will be other possibilities to spend platinum, but for these extensions it is suggested to leave yours. If you’d rather spend some money on platinum, consider waiting until one of the games is sold. Sometimes platinum can get a discount of up to 75% at the time of sale.

5. How to get new downloads

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

The massive part of the war frame is constantly improving your equipment. You start the game by choosing between different battle frames, different base weapons and different secondary weapons. You should try to replace these items as soon as possible.

To get a quality flight, you have to be able to do it. One of the easiest ways to get new material is to buy drawings on the game market, but you can also make them grow by completing certain quests. Double-barrelled weapons and the powerful Braton are an excellent first weapon. Once you receive your drawings, you need to enter the world of Warframe and gather significant resources to build your new equipment.

You can then visit the foundry to make your new equipment. The production of weapons and parts of combat frames usually takes 12 hours. In the meantime, it may take 72 hours to create an entirely new combat environment. This process can be accelerated by releasing platinum.

To make a frame, you need neuroptics, systems, frames and drawings. Most of these items can be cultivated by defeating certain bosses and completing certain missions.

6. Find a pair of Orokin reactors and an Orokincatalyst.

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

It’s not enough just to choose a quality seizure and a weapon. Fashion, that’s all. Equipping your equipment with fashion is one of the best ways to strengthen your character. However, if you want to take full advantage of this feature, you must have two items on hand.

Orokin Reactor

These elegant elements will double the fashion capacity for frames, arches and military satellites. That’s why you want some as soon as possible.

For an Orokin reactor on the gaming market you can pay 20 pieces of platinum. Or you can build them at the foundry.

You can find the draws of the item in the lotus gift message, as payment for the invasion, as possible daily food, tactical messaging or as a reward for completing the mission. A full breakdown of the shipbuilding needs is given below, as shown on

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

Orokin catalyst

In the same way, Orokin catalysts are used to double the power of all weapons. To take advantage of it, you can pay 20 decks on the gaming market. Or they can be produced in the foundry. The drawings of these catalysts can be found as a reward for a mission, as a lotus gift, as payment for an invasion battle, as a reward for a tactical warning, as a gift of the day or for searching for stolen dreams.

After the information provided by you will find below a detailed breakdown of the composition requirements.

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

7. Insight into form

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

Form is a tool that will play a major role later in the game, but it remains important to understand this function. The form can be used for a number of things.

You can change the polarity of the mods on frames, arcs, weapons and satellites. They can also add tiles to a clandojo, allow you to go up in the union ranking, or serve as a condition for creating certain weapons and other items.

You can pay 20 decks for one shape or spend 35 decks for three in a shop. They can also be bought without breaking into a bank.

The form can be accepted as a reward for sabotage and land sabotage missions. They are also found in Orokin storage containers during the Orokin Derelict, Void and Lua missions. Two containers of the musical puzzle on the Lua also have a chance to lose their shape.

As a reward for your daily tribute you can get a drawing of the form by opening the games Empty Relics, Destroyed Defense Mission Orokin, Invasion Mission, Rathuum and Clave. A detailed overview of the requirements for creating a form can be found below, as provided by

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

In order to be able to use your forma on any device, you must first align the device in 30 places. After using the mould, part of the material is reduced to zero. When used in a combat setting, the skills are removed from the combat setting and the ranks are removed.

The use of Forma on a gearbox is therefore a huge investment. Think twice before you decide to put the mould on a gear.

8. Understanding the problem

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

Sorts is probably the most classic MMO of all warframe functions. The varieties are available in packs of three a day. To continue to the next mission you have to finish the previous mission first.

After completing all three missions, the player receives a wonderful reward. The reward will be different, but almost always valuable. Below is a list of exit bonuses and their possible downgrades based on information provided by

Sculpture of Anasa Ayatan – 28.00%*
Riven Mod – 27.90%†
4,000x Endo – 12.10%‡
6,000x Kuva – 12.00%‡
3-Day-Booster – 9.81%^
Exyl adapter – 2.50%
Shape – 2.50%
Orokin Catalyst – 2.50%
Orokin Reactor Drawing – 2.50%
Legendary Core – 0.18%

To take part in the tour you first have to do a few things. Firstly, only players with a combat level of 30 can participate. After reaching level 30, complete the war mission to unlock your daily exit quests.

It’s also important to note that you can’t sneak out when you turn off your Riven Mods. Before you can participate in the exhibition, you must remove one of the mods or increase the capacity of the mod.

9. Learning how to obtain important resources

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

There’s a lot of resources in Warframe. However, there are hard to find resources that you will need again and again. See the table below for information on how to obtain some of these products.

Resource Description
Vacuum traces You can find them on Fissur Void missions where you collect reagents. This source is used to update dragon keys and cancel relics.
Tellurium This resource is discharged from arched units located in space or during the Grineer Sealab phases.
Argon crystal This resource can be obtained from the Sabotage Emptiness and Survival missions. However, it is important to note that this resource will diminish over time as it is added to your inventory.
Control module You can find them in the Void in Protection and Survival missions, as well as the Psamathian mission (Neptune) and the Naaman mission (Europe).
Plastics They can be found in Phobos, Saturn, Uranus Pluto and Erice.
Oxium They are provided by the various missions of the Corps. If you kill the Oxy-scope before it destroys itself, it’ll fall off a little.
Gallium They can grow on Mars and Uranus. Chieftain battles are important resources on these planets.
Morphology A mission to Mars can provide this source. The battles of the boss on Mercury, Pluto and Mars are great sources.
Orokin cell Orokin Derelikt’s survival mission will take care of it. All bosses have the ability to do it without this source.
Nitrogen extract You will be put on a mission to sabotage the reactors.

10. How to manage credit without opening a portfolio

10 Important Tips to Play Warframe – Victory Guide

If you want to get more credit without breaking the bank, there are two important strategies. The main tactic you want to use is on Neptune.


The index is the Corps Arena Mission found on Neptune. Nef Anio is the host of this event. With initial investments, players can bet on their own performance. In order to receive a salary, you must collect a certain number of points during an assignment. Check the failure of the system on the ground floor.

Rate Return Profit Requirement of Article
30,000 105,000 75,000 50
40,000 175,000 135,000 75
50,000 250,000 200,000 100


Make way for the planet Pluto. Then complete the mission to dig up Hierakon. With this strategy you can earn 20,000 credits in five minutes. Similarly, you can complete a mission to protect Sechura’s Dark Sector with similar benefits.



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