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10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

There are so many great characters in the UK series, but which one is the best?

When you try to fine-tune the best character, it depends on the missions you’re trying to fine-tune.

It is important to remember that you have to choose a list you like. That’s the game!

With this in mind I made a list of what I consider to be the absolute top 10 in the Valkyria Chronicles series and learned a little more about them and the benefits of each.

10. Lynn

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

At the top of the list is Lynn, who appeared in the first Valkyrie review, but is better known in the second game.

It is a member of the Quad 7 and is best used in the Shocktrooper class. She goes into battle with a standard HP 192, while her AP is up to 350.


Unfortunately, her potential natural child will see a little less protection when she enters the paved areas due to discomfort.

On the other hand, their combat readiness in the shooting position ensures an accurate shooting, which is even better in the stalking position.

9. Imka

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

The beautiful Imka made her debut in the chronicles of Valkyrie 3 as a master of heavy weapons.

Imca is best used as a screen class with an HP 412 and a first AP 350, this is the elite class of fencers.

Their signs of malnutrition reduce their ability to escape attack, but only after their AP value has dropped by less than half. This is probably the worst, but it also has a few sizes such as Aloof (reinforced protection) and Country Bred (loves earthy edges).

8. Reela Marcellis

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

One of the many entries in the Valkyrie 3 chronicles on our list is Reala Marcellis.

She is deeply rooted in the series and is part of Team 422. She has an excellent design and plays the best engineer in the class.

If you want to catch her now, she can play after completing four missions in the Valkyrian Treachery DLC and she owns the HP 348 Engineering Elite with AP 450.

When their power drops by half or less, the personal potential of the Valkyries is increased to improve all combat skills. This is a great skill for almost everyone, but especially for the engineer!

7. Cedric Drake

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

Cedric Drake is the name you need to know if you have played these games. He’s from Valkyrie Chronicle 3, and I have to say that of all the characters you’ll see, he’s probably one of the biggest change agents in the game.

I mean, he’s one of the most famous villains that makes 360 a hero. Pretty touching, but certainly charming.

He has two classes that absolutely belong to him: Shock squad and sniper. But I prefer him in Gunner’s class. Ada (link below) is always on her heels, and when it comes to her crimes you can understand why.

How the Gunner Elite Cedric comes with 454 horsepower and an AP 300.

His potential for luck also allows him to obtain random bots for his defense, a skill that is very pleasant to use. And although Ada may be a problem for him, the untapped potential means he’s getting a new boost in statistics in his fight with Ada.

6. Nickname

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

After the flight from our seat number 6 Aliasse appeared for the first time in the chronicles of Valkyrie 2.

She only ended up in Class G in the last part of the game, when she became a Girl Scout.

His whip-shaped spear, combined with an elegant shield, makes it possible to fight a wild face. Maximum statistics because the elite scouts will see that they have 285HP and 650 AP.

It doesn’t play in VC 3, but that makes it episodic (but I want it to be playable!).

The mysterious body is a potentially cool personality because it restores health at different times. His extensive combat skills include marksmanship and reconnaissance.

5. Ada Ansorge

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

Ada Ansorge, former police chief, is a young girl with a small obsession for Cedric, in the third part of the Valkyrie Chronicle.

The use of hell with an elite sniper class makes it possible to obtain HP 288 with AP 250.

If you want to increase his protection, it is useful to use the potential of the City Kid when fighting in the stone streets. She also gets an Old Elite promotion if there are 3 or more enemies around.

In Valkyria Chronicles 3 we saw all unit and character classes that have the same fighting potential, which is very interesting.

4. Eileen Blackwell

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

Eileen Blackwell was put on this list because her character offered something else; she would only have been allowed in E if Curtis Blackwell (her brother) couldn’t fight.

In the framework of the Joint Task Force of the 4. General remarks Chronicle of Valkyrie Eileen was a real socialite, with a lot of respect for her brother.

She is on the starting grid with 143 bhp and AP with 700 bhp. Check her maximum stats, which can be up to 250 horsepower and 800 AP. It’s no big deal!

Now everyone has their weaknesses, and one of their possible personal weaknesses is the issue of distraction, which reduces their protection if they can’t see their brother.

On the other hand, the ability to fight cautiously in a squat can be more counteractive, because it will greatly increase his evasion. I can’t add it if it doesn’t fit my strategy.

3. Laurent McCloud

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character

Laurent McCloud, actually only Laurent, is from the Valkyrie Chronicle 4 in the Lancer class.

When you start the game for the first time, you can play as this handsome man with a starting base of 254 HP and 400 AP. It’s not so pathetic for someone who can be picked up early.

I think it’s great that this guy’s embarrassing the personal potential of girls because he seems so honest. But in combat, it’s not that great, because it reduces evasion when he’s in front of a woman… Yeah, it’s not good quality.

But one of the best features is the training function that enables Laurent to get HP again after a few successful attacks. It’s not much, but it’s enough to put him a little higher on that list.

2. Section

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character


My second place in this list belongs to game four of the Valkyrie series chronicle. Since he belongs to the infantry class or E-squad…

Okay, he may not have a last name, but he certainly makes up for it by being a certified department head.

You unlock Raza when you start the game for the first time and he has a starting statistic of 240 HP and 500 AP, with a maximum of 459 HP and 600 AP. That maximum amount of horsepower is pretty damn juicy.

Competitiveness is one of the most useful personal possessions, allowing you to improve the accuracy of your shooting as new enemies enter the battlefield. The best fighting potential is the Undodgeable Shot, which makes it almost impossible for enemies to escape attacks.

That’s the shooter you want on your side.

1. Minerva Victor

10 Best Valkyria Chronicles Character


I feel like I’ve saved the best for last. Some may disagree, but I believe that Minerva Victor, of the Valkyrie 4 scouting class, is the best runner among the best characters in the franchise.

She can wear glasses, but behind those glasses a real asshole is waiting to jump her. I mean, she’s the head of the F team, but she’s also in a position where other commanders aren’t contacted.

Also look at their statistics: the initial HP 220 and AP 800 values, then the promising growth to 395 HP and 900 AP. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

One of the best personal features you’ll find in Minerva is the Noble Commander, who gives his allies a boost in overall status after giving orders to his allies. In terms of his combat skills, Level 14 Double Movement gives him an increased chance to move twice in a row, which is a huge value in this series.



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