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10 Best Games like Subnautica, 2020

Subnautics was created in 2018 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and is not much different from the general survival path. His ship, the Aurora, crashes into an alien ocean world affectionately known as 4546B after being hit by a ray gun. Your goal will then be to explore the planet, repair your ship and try to survive.

Unlike some other survival games, the geography of the world is blocked and there are no random seeds. Your ship may crash in different places, but you will always be on the same planet with all the other players playing the game. You will spend an important part of the game in the water, which should be clear from the Ocean Planet Classifier. However, there are two islands to explore and there is a day and night cycle.

The underwater game is relatively unique because it is not entirely up to the player to come up with his own story in the course of his journey. In this particular game, there is a scenario in which you can continue and there is a real ending, which is quite rare in survival games.

Given all this, it is actually very difficult to find games like Subnautics. It is clear that there is a tsunami of survival adventures, of games with the open world, but Subnautica is carving out a special place for itself that is almost unanimously recognized. I found something you could scratch.

Disclaimer: The games are not organized in any particular order.

10 Submarine: Below zero (ETA: 2019)

Date of first publication Maybe in 2019.
Platform Microsoft Windows, MacOS
Developer Entertainment in unknown worlds
Publishing house Entertainment in unknown worlds

Some of you might be sitting in your chairs, scared, thinking: You can’t use your own game extension for this list, and for you I say… You’re probably right. However, it is still at an early stage, because it is not technically available yet, but I think I’m in good shape.

Submarines: Below zero is the continuation of the aforementioned sub-science, which was introduced one year after the events of the first match. You come back to the world with a love for the handmade 4546B, and it is mainly located in the Arctic region of the world.

You start to settle on a comfortable research base and do research when things go terribly wrong. From there, you have to build a habitat to live in, gather resources, do research, investigate alien artifacts, you know? A lot of what you did in the basic game.

Submarines: Zero was scheduled for the 31st. October 2019, but according to its steaming side, it is still in an early stage of access.

Date of first publication August 2016
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer Hello games
Publishing house Hello games

I can be a little critical of that. As we all know, since its release no human sky has been considered in many ways one of the most monstrous criminals of false advertising in the history ofgames. A trailer with beautiful worlds full of extraterrestrial life was shown, and when we were free, we discovered that the universe is almost devoid of life and that the planets are surprisingly similar and boring.

The game was boring, repetitive and devoid of any personality or spark that could inspire people to play it.

To quote Garrosch from the truly epic Warlords Draenor trailer (yes, the extension was lame, but the trailer was great), Times Change . No human airspace has undergone major improvements and various capital repairs. Developers could jump off the ship and get stuck in the unknown, like many other open-world games, or in this case Galaxy, survival adventure games, but they get stuck.

No human sky can transport you through many unique worlds full of life, and you may even encounter other extraterrestrials on your travels. If you picked it up in 2014 and it was so disgusting that it never opened, I suggest you try again. At first glance, No Man’s Sky is one of the best games like Subnautica you can find.

Date of first publication 23. October 2013
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer Superb software house
Publishing house Superb software house

The official issue of Space Engineers magazine appeared in February of this year. Like No Man’s Sky, it leaves the ocean world handmade in the cold void of space. Although you can play Space Engineers as a single player game, it makes sense if you play with other people.

This game is less about survival than it is about intelligence, research… …and research. However, does not have the history and legend of subnavigation.

With Space Engineers you (of course) take on the role of spaceman. You collect resources, build bases, ships, planetary outposts, and generally build whatever you want. As a result, following in Minecraft’s footsteps, almost all objects are destructible to a certain extent.

It also follows relatively precise physical laws, such as inertia, mass and force. Take it if you want a survival activity, a sandbox, an open universe game in space and a pretty interesting game like Subnautics.

Date of first publication 17. May 2009
Platform Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux
Developer Moiang
Publishing house Moiang

Minecraft was first released in May 2009. I personally bought the game when it was released in the alpha version in 2010. It was only officially released in full in 2011 and has since undergone a number of changes.

As many of you probably know, Minecraft is a process-generated, open-world game based on survival and adventure. There are millions of different seeds in the world, and every world is almost endless. The maximum area of a single seed is 60 million blocks by 60 million blocks or 3.6 billion square kilometers. This corresponds to an area of 6 to 7 plots. You’ve probably never explored a whole seed before.


Minecraft, one of the best games like Subnautica / Image Source : De-mining

You take over, well… Yours, really. I mean, technically you’re Minecraft Steve or, as it was added later, Minecraft Alex, but actually it’s more likely that you will change the skin of your character and choose a name. Their goal is to survive and flourish in this hostile world.

There are villages to find, temples to explore, abandoned mines to steal, monsters to fight and even a terrible dragon to kill. But all this is subordinate to your real purpose in Minecraft… to make a big picture of a colorful canvas and a TNT caterpillar and blow it up (that could crush your avatar game).

Date of first publication 30. May 2014
Platform PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Developer Endnight Games Ltd.
Publishing house Endnight Games Ltd.

The forest has the peculiarity that it is the only game on this list that I personally haven’t played yet. But I had some friends who wouldn’t shut up for months, so I’m sure I can find out.

Unlike previous games that liked Subnautics in this list, the forest tends to survive more than research and creativity. This is in heavybattles, and you will often find under heavy attacks, especially at night.

You’re the only survivor of the plane crash. You find yourself in a seemingly uninhabited area, but you soon realize that you are not as alone as you thought. Unfortunately, your fellow citizens are mutant cannibals, so they can’t be the best neighbors.

You will focus your efforts on building a base, defending, gathering food and preserving life at all costs.

As with all survival games, you will explore the surroundings, but you will find that your travels are often interrupted by the approaching night and by the devils who want to eat your sweet flesh for your body.

Date of first publication September 2014
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh, MacOS
Developer Studio Achterland
Publishing house Studio Achterland

Compared to some of the other games on this list, Long Dark is a somewhat dark and difficult game. You will not explore the wondrous world of the ocean, a multitude of unique and spectacular planets, the secrets of space or even the forbidden depths of the enchanting world of the fleas.

Instead you’re going to explore the cold desert of northern Canada. I now live in Canada and it is not difficult to say that the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut are huge wildlife areas where unprepared people can get into trouble very quickly.

In Tall Dark you play the role of a pilot who lands during the global disaster. There are no mythological enemies in this game. There are no zombies behind you. No mutant will come and eat your meat. It’s just that you’re against nature. Their goal is to survive as long as possible in this truly ruthless environment.

You have to keep an eye on your body temperature, fend off animal attacks, find food, tools and weapons. The story of the game unfolds in episodes, and at the time of writing, only in two of the five episodes.

Date of first publication March 2019
Platform Microsoft Windows
Developer Studio Coffee Point
Publishing house Publications about coffee stains

I have mixed feelings about putting this game on a list of games like Subnautica. On the one hand, Satisfy is a very entertaining game in the first person, an open world, building factories. On the other hand, it’s an exclusive epic, which I consider a disgusting business practice.

I firmly believe in an open market system for the media, and companies buying exclusive rights simply restrict their freedom of choice. Satisfaction, however, is a particularly entertaining game. I’d call it an ego factor.

You’ve landed on an alien planet, and your mission is to explore new technologies, survive alien attacks and build the automated production empire of your dreams. It’s multiplayer, just like multiplayer, that allows you and your friends to build treadmill mazes.

Graphs are very impressive, , but the aspect of survival is, to be honest, a bit uncomfortable. However, a good game is worthwhile if you are not completely against the practitioners of the epic and draconian trade.

Date of first publication February 2019
Platform Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer Software in the system age
Publishing house Software in the system age

Number 3 in our list of games like Subnautica is Astroneer. Astroneer is a game that has been in the early stages of access since 2016. This is the game that I initially chose and relegated to , probably never to finish Survival List, the open world game that is rampant in steam.

I was happy to be surprised in February 2019 when the game was released. Astroneer is a game that is essentially a mix of No-Man’s Sky and Subnautica. It includes colourful but less realistic subnavigation charts, as well as space exploration and the No Man’s Sky of the Planets.

In Astroneer you take on the role of a space explorer who has ventured into the infinite depths of space. Your goal is to build bases, build vehicles, do research, collect resources and ultimately survive.

The story is a bit minimalistic and, frankly, not as fascinating as Subnautica, but if you’re looking for a really funny open-world survival game that’s actually already there… look no further.

Also, even though it’s a multiplayer game, I should probably bear in mind that I would give the game a few extra patches. There are several bugs in the game, which get even worse when playing in multiplayer mode.

Date of first publication 2. August 2016
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
Developer Giant squid
Publishing house Giant squid

The ABZU is much more involved in learning than in surviving or building a foundation. This lovingly designed ocean adventure offers hours of reliable fun in a beautiful world.

My only real criticism of the game is its length. I think I finished it around in three hours from, so if you’re looking for a game that immerses you in tens of hours, that’s probably not the case.


Games like Subnautics: ABZU / Image Source : Steam

In ABZU, you take on the role of a diver whose task it is to descend to the depths of the ocean and discover its secrets. You will come into contact with the great diversity of marine life and the dangers that lurk in the depths.

There are mission objectives, but they’re rather trivial. The main objective of the game is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere, music and atmosphere of the living ocean that surrounds you. I can’t be clear enough, but don’t expect heavy play on the edge of your seat.

1 Solus project (2016)

Date of first publication June 2016
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developer Theotle Studios
Publishing house Theotle Studios

The Solus project is a game I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, it’s a really visually stunning game, it also tries to capture the survival mechanisms, but frankly, this alien world is surprisingly well equipped, and I’ve never worried about food or water.

The game contains a more terrible experience, and you should know that the game combined with a decent enough story will have many ghosts.

You play the role of a scout trying to find a colonizing planet for a human fleet of survivors near Pluto. As in most survival games such as Subnautics, your ship is spared and you are the victim of an emergency landing.

Your team members are dead, and you’re the only survivor, but you’re in a lush alien world with many camps full of provisions. Solve the riddles that await you.

This completes our list of games such as Subnautica. What kind of games do you think Subnautics look like? Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments below!



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